"Gogol School is pure creativity. It's about freedom. Here you will be hired all the time."

- While gaining a new course, teachers of Gogol School conducted an interview. It was important for them to understand that students are ready to change and work on themselves. The course lasted four weeks. These are eight classes of three hours each - a total of one day, for which we tried to build relationships with ourselves and, as a result, with the world. Gogol School students are completely different people who do not have a goal to develop professionally in the theater.

Everyone came here for something of their own (and in the end received a little more than he wanted). I can talk for a long time about the emotions and feelings that I experienced there, but in fact, you need to go through it yourself.

Each of us chooses our own trajectory. We go, shifting from heel to toe, keep a steady, calm pace, improvise. Someone turns out deftly and playfully, someone, on the contrary, is confused.

There is no time for pauses. We are accelerating the pace.

There are thirty of us. We meet with glances. Sometimes, in order to maintain eye contact, one has to adapt to the movements of another participant, while losing his own rhythm.

Nevertheless, the game is worth the candle - a spark ran through. But a second - and contact is lost, then each goes his own way.

We encounter people whose trajectory coincides with our trajectory. We touch our shoulders and push off from each other.

We are divided into pairs, we choose a role for ourselves: a slave or a leader.

One closes his eyes and holds out his other hand. He holds her tight. “I will not let you down, you will not crash into the wall, everything will be fine. You are safe with me,” I think. Time passes, we hold on almost to the little finger, and then completely open our hands.

Now you need to lead your partner literally by breathing. I walk through other people and breathe. We stop and join hands again. We give ourselves the opportunity to recognize each other by the palms, fingers, shape of nails and wrists. Then we disagree - the leaders go to the wall, and the followers must find those who led them.

On the first attempt, no one recognizes his person - not a single coincidence.

Ilya Romashko

one of the founders of Gogol School, master of the acting laboratory

- On the first I said in class - I don’t care what you take away from here. But I forgot to say that you can’t carry anything away from yourself.

All the month we were engaged in plastic theater - we worked on the organics of the body, on the expressiveness of the gesture and honesty of the word. At Gogol School you will not be prepared for the acting profession, they will not be issued a diploma after completing the course.

Gogol School is about freedom. This is pure creativity. Here you will be taken on weakly. It will not tolerate falsity. Your training will be like an ice shower, after which you will begin to realize who you are and, most importantly, why you are.

If you ask whom I advise such an experience, I will answer - to everyone and everyone in any life situation.


Gogol School student

- It was unexpected, sometimes even painful. I know that I could get more from this experience.It was difficult for me to interact with new people, it was difficult to fall and accept myself. I wish you to tear off the patch and come here.

Here you will be taught to doubt if you are too sure. Re-show how to dream if you suddenly forgot. They will give you the opportunity to test your "eternal" values ​​for strength. At least 1% in their own skin to feel how strong and magnitude the devastation is felt by the actor after the performance. This can be a nullification if you came for it.

Or filling. One thing I know for sure - everyone will take away something from here, something very personal. Something about which it is sometimes better to keep silent so as not to splash and preserve deeply and for a long time.


Gogol School student

- Definitely some tasks forced me to step over my own fears and complexes . It liberates.

Such a mini-upgrade of personality.



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