Gastronomic festival Delivery Fest will be held in Gorky Park

The festival will feature John Newman, Kadebostany, Cream Soda and My Michelle. Ocean Jet and indie electronica Oak Glen will also appear on the stage of the festival.

The organizers have chosen 10 countries (America, Vietnam, Greece, Georgia, India, Spain, Italy, Mexico, China and Japan) and more than 30 restaurants that will prepare national and beloved people for festival guests dishes. On the menu are fried empanadas pies from Mexico, tortilla and quesadillas, steam buns of bath bao from Vietnam, fried halumobukes cheese from Greece, pizza, gelato and panini, beaten cucumbers, bubble tea, curry, nem, dim sums , khachapuri, khinkali, tacos, poke, burgers and churros.

In the thematic areas of each country, Delivery Fest organizers will gather entertainment and activities traditional for 10 points of the festival's gastronomic route.

Among them there will be football, a rollerdrome, a mini-festival of Holi colors, Indian dances and hip-hop, flamenco and even aerooga, breaking pinata, tomato - Spanish tomato shooting range, cosplay, workshops on calligraphy, pottery and making Venetian masks.

Lectures will be held for visitors to the festival. Delivery Fest organizers and popular journalists promise to tell you when the first food court appeared in Moscow, where the club with the longest bar was located in the Soviet capital, which was the starting point for the first couriers to appear, how the food industry affects the environment, what food is -sharing, how to share food without throwing it away, and what kind of food habits they are of generation Z.



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