Gadget of the day: scales that measure 11 parameters (not counting body weight)

The percentage of body fat, muscle mass, body age, metabolism. It's good that these scales do not talk - they know too much about you! The tiny Picooc Mini can easily replace expensive fitness testing in the gym.

Picooc is the leader among smart scale manufacturers in China. The novelty of this brand in 2017 - the Picooc Mini diagnostic scales - has significantly moved competitors in terms of price-quality ratio. These are the first scales in their price segment that measure 12 parameters:

  • weight;
  • fat percentage sediment;
  • percentage of visceral fat (accumulates around organs);
  • percentage of protein;
  • basal metabolic rate (the main metabolism aimed at maintaining vital functions);
  • muscle mass;
  • bone mass;
  • percentage of water;
  • body mass index;
  • body type;
  • metabolic age of the body;
  • skeletal muscle mass.

Gadget of the day: scales that measure 11 parameters (not counting body weight)

It looks like a scene from a popular science fiction: you get up on the scales - and after a couple of seconds a full report on the state of the body appears on the screen of your phone. This is possible thanks to bioimpedance technology: the balance passes through the body a weak electrical impulse. It is not painful and safe. But if you have a pacemaker, the balance will not work for you. High precision technology allows you to notice even minimal changes in any of the 12 parameters.

All data is stored and organized in a special application for phone. There are versions for iOS and Android.

At the very beginning of use, the application will ask you about ethnicity, age, gender and other basic indicators that will help to analyze the data as accurately as possible. The scales Picooc Mini connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth . All weighing results are saved in the application: you can track according to the graphs how your hourly cardio or a piece of cake at night affects your body.

The application will explain what a particular indicator means and even give recommendations on how to become physically better. You can also download additional data, such as waist circumference, hips and other parameters received from other sports gadgets, - to see the full fitness picture in one application.

The Picooc Mini gadget weighs in two times smaller (1.2 kg), four millimeters thinner (20 mm) and seven centimeters less in length and width (26 cm) than the older model Picooc S3. At the same time, the set of functions has not changed at all, but the price has decreased - almost 2.

5 times (Picooc Mini costs 2,790 rubles). This made the scales the most functional for such a price.

Gadget of the day: scales that measure 11 parameters (not counting body weight)



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