From the Russian version of the film about Elton John cut scenes with kisses and sex men

The Russian premiere of "Rocketman" was held on May 30 at the Moscow cinema "October". The film was presented by the host of Rain, Mikhail Kozyrev, and film critic Anton Dolin. After the show, Kozyrev said that in the Russian version they cut out all the scenes with male kisses, gay sex and many fragments with drugs.

Film critic Yegor Moskvitin, who watched the film at the Cannes Film Festival, confirmed this information: "Indeed, several scenes have disappeared from the Russian version of" Rocketman ": an episode with the use of drugs; a slide from the credits, which said that John still met true love (and a photo with his spouse); and, most importantly, a bed scene in which two men made love in a missionary position (which should emphasize that there is no difference between their feelings and heterosexual relationships - love is the same for everyone). "

" Rocketman "comes out on June 6.

The role of Elton John in the film was played by Theron Edgerton . In order for the picture to get a lower age rating, the creators had to censor the bed scene between Edgerton and actor Richard Madden, who played Elton John's former manager and partner.

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