From Sandunov to Ofuro - learn to distinguish between different types of baths

Traditional Japanese baths for us and not baths at all - so, bathtubs in a different configuration. However, the Japanese, of course, are sure that it is their method of cleansing the body that is the most real, rejuvenating and correct. There are three types of barrels - furaco, ofuro and sento. The first two types - in fact, home baths, designed for one or two people. Sento are designed for one hundred people.

The main difference of the Japanese bath is that the therapeutic effect is achieved not due to heating of the air or penetration of hot steam into the pores, but due to hot water or, in some cases, heated sawdust.

Furaco is a round or oval font made of oak, cedar or larch. In one part there is an electric or wood stove, which heats the water in the main part of furaco (where a person sits) to a temperature of 45-50 degrees. Compared to 90 degrees in a Finnish sauna, it may not be too warm, but in fact this is more than enough. Sitting in such a barrel for more than 15 minutes is strongly discouraged, and the water should not rise above the level of the heart - so as not to provoke an increase in blood pressure.

To enhance the therapeutic effect, the Japanese like to add various herbs and oils to the water.

Ofuro is usually located in the same bath complexes as furaco. Ofuro is a rectangular container filled with warmed up small cedar, linden sawdust or pebbles. They usually come here after furaco - sawdust or pebbles give a light massage, and also deeply warm the body. Here you have to lie for about 30 minutes.

During this time, you sweat a lot, but sawdust will absorb sweat, and all the essential oils will be given to you.

Santo is a public bathhouse in Japan. It consists of rather large pools with a water temperature of 50-55 degrees, where several people can sit at once. Soaring people come there already clean - in front of the pool you need to wash yourself in a special compartment with a contrast shower. After the pool, you should relax in a separate room with flowers, aquariums and access to Japanese gardens.

Tea is served as a dessert.



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