From Holland to China: The 7 Most Convenient Countries for Cycling

What could be better than cycling and traveling? Only ride a bike and travel at the same time. It is practical, fashionable and cool. Also useful for a figure. But before you plan a bike trip, check out our ranking of the most "bicycle" countries in the world.

As a rule, if someone is going to Holland, all acquaintances make an ambiguous smile.

Like, everything is clear why they fly there. What will be their surprise if you say that you go on a bike trip.

In the Netherlands - and first of all in Amsterdam - there are more bicycles than the townspeople. So if you want to feel like a true Dutchman, don’t even think about walking there. Pedals in this country are played not only on weekends, but also on weekdays: on a bicycle you can regularly meet girls in tight dresses and men in expensive suits who rush to work.

In parking lots near business centers, the apple has nowhere to fall.

It’s safe to drive, traffic is thought out to the smallest detail: there are special traffic lights for cyclists, road signs, parking lots, and bicycle paths (400 kilometers in the capital alone). For a beginner cyclist, city traffic can be shocking at first, so it is better to make your first outings on a bike away from the noisy center. And when you feel confident, go on a trip to the cities. For example, from the main city of Holland to The Hague can be reached in three and a half hours, to Utrecht - in two hours.

Of course, the next day it will be difficult to get out of bed, but it's worth it.

Bicycle rental per day in the Netherlands will cost an average of 10-15 euros.

Just a couple of years ago, the Danes began to implement in life is an ambitious plan to turn Copenhagen into a cyclist's paradise. The city was rebuilt, almost 350 kilometers of bike paths were laid. Moreover, from nearby towns in the capital you can get on special cycle highways (and there are 28 of them, by the way).

In addition, the terrain in Copenhagen is flat, so it’s not necessary to kill and suffer on the ups.

The best minds of the country are fighting over the organization of cycling: for example, a bicycle "green wave" appeared in Denmark. This means that you can stop at the center without stopping. Even garbage can be thrown away on the go - Danish ballot boxes are located at such an angle that it is impossible to miss. For those who pedal slowly and constantly get into the red light, practical Danes have come up with footrests.

Renting a bike for a day costs from 11 to 17 euros. Moreover, almost every hotel has a bike rental.

In the homeland of the famous and prestigious cycling world Le Tour de France knows a lot about two-wheeled travel. True, we are talking about many kilometers of trips around the provinces, and not about short trips from the Eiffel Tower to Montmartre.

In big cities, the French are just starting to create infrastructure for cyclists.

And while the best city for pedaling is not Paris, but Strasbourg.

To get a real pleasure from driving, it is worth getting outside the megalopolises. The most beautiful and popular cycling route runs in the Loire River Valley (the same one full of old magnificent castles): it starts in a small town off the Atlantic coast and finishes in the east of the country. Even a special map has been compiled, on which along the entire path bike rental, hotels, restaurants and even elevations are marked. Getting lost along the road is difficult: almost every turn has a sign.

To rent a bike, for example, for seven days, you will have to pay 60 euros. And by the way, it is not necessary to return the bike to its starting point. It can be rented at another rental point, however, in this case, a fee will be charged from you. And yes, there are many people who want to ride along the castles and vineyards of the Loire, so it is better to book vehicles in advance.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about bicycle Germany - a beer bike.

Yes, that same bar counter on wheels. But the Germans love bicycles not only for the opportunity to drink with the breeze. Seven out of ten Berliners pedal every day. Of course, it is difficult for an iron horse to compete with the most convenient public transport in the world (and Berlin has long proved that it is ahead of the rest in this matter), but it is extremely comfortable to move in the German capital. The streets are flat and wide, and they also know what the "green wave" is.

By the way, in Germany recently opened a special bicycle route, which connected ten cities. And in this country there is one of the longest cycling routes in Europe: 630 kilometers along the plateaus of Northern Germany to the banks of the Elbe River.

The cost of rent per day - from 10 to 20 euros.

Surely you think that the Canadian climate is not It offers cycling, but Canadians themselves don’t think so. When winter ends and skiing is no longer possible, they get bicycles from the storerooms.

The most convenient city for two-wheeled travels is Montreal. He regularly falls into the top 10 most comfortable cities for cyclists. Just think, there are 600 kilometers of bike paths (!) And one of the cheapest rental rates is about $ 5 a day. By the way, Montreal is almost the first city in the world to create an urban bike rental network (like the one that is now popular in Moscow).

Even in Canada there is a bicycle route, which is regularly included in the ten most picturesque routes in the world.

It is located near Whistler in the so-called British Columbia. You need to rise to a height of two thousand meters - to a unique place where two mountains converge - and slide down with a breeze. Around the lake, virgin forests ...

and, quite possibly, even bears.

No, but what? Suddenly someone craves cycling trips around South America? The capital of Colombia, Bogotá, is the most cycling city on the whole continent, and Colombians are the most passionate fans of cycling. You can wind up 300 kilometers along the city’s bike paths. In addition, there is Ciclovía in Bogota - that’s the name of the day when cars cannot go on roads and all the townspeople take bicycles. Moreover, on weekends since 1976, the same thing happens on the central streets of the metropolis.

True, the situation outside the capital is far from being so rosy. So if you come up with the idea of ​​a ride around the provinces, be prepared to travel in hot weather along regular roads.

For the day of rent you will need to pay about $ 3.

When you find yourself, say, in Beijing or Guangzhou, you will think that China is the most cycling country in the world. Cyclists are everywhere.

The cities are full of various types of two-wheeled transport: from tricycles to bicycles with an electric motor.

Only China, compared to European bicycle countries, lacks well-thought-out bike paths, parking lots and traffic lights. Rentals exist, but finding information about them not in Chinese is quite difficult. However, if you complete the quest, you can rent a bike very cheaply. As a rule, the first hour costs nothing at all, and each subsequent hour will cost 20 cents.



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