Freddie Mercury and Strauss Waltz: what runners listen to during races

On July 15, The Challenger, along with another 6,000 people, spent the night race. We talked with the runners and found out that in addition to water and the support of the audience, music helps to reach the finish line 90% of them. Rock, electronics, alternative, pop. ..

what else run fans like to listen to during their runs - read in this article.

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55 years old, financial analyst and journalist

I am a supporter of the good old rock and roll Starting with The Rolling Stones, I also love classic disco and electronics, such as Jean-Michel Jarre.

The song ABBA Rock Me (directly starts), by Jean-Michel Jarre "Magnetic Fields" is great for running. There are also pop things, for example the song Bonnie Tyler Holding Out for a Hero, Cindy Loper has interesting compositions. During different trainings, I listen to different music, even for each distance I have my own music. If you have to run uphill, I’ll turn on something slow, but what makes me fight. Of the Russian artists like Maidanov.

Under the song "Sorry nothing" is very good to finish. In general, I have a music library at home, there are 700 discs - I still like a lot of things. Music helps us to run and live.

I ran 60 marathons in different cities and countries. Many races always have different and special music.

For example, in Barcelona at the start include Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe, at the finish - the song We are the champions. In Vienna - Strauss waltz. In Madrid, rock and roll. It is unfortunate that this year there will be no Musical Half Marathon. Perhaps this race would have joined such a world music series, and the popularity of our races has increased internationally.



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