Four-legged trainer: how to play sports with a dog

Training with a pet is not only a pleasant physical activity, it is also a sea of ​​positive emotions. Let's see what kinds of sports you can go in for with your dog, and in what competitions to participate.

In order to start running with a dog, special skills are not required - this is the simplest and most accessible type of physical activity, which you can do with your pet. From the equipment you will need a special harness, as well as a leash for running.

How the discipline of cross-country was formed not so long ago - in 2000, when the first competitions in the UK were held.

Since then, this sport has become increasingly popular. Now there are special competitions in caniros with strict regulations and rules, as well as mass races available to everyone in which you can participate with a dog of any breed and any age.

The length of the track, as a rule, is up to ten kilometers - longer runs are not recommended for all dogs. But there are distances whose length even exceeds the marathon! So, the length of the race track Tro17hée Des Montagnes, which takes place in France, is more than 60 kilometers (participants overcome it in several stages). Vaccinated pets older than 15 months are allowed to take part in official contests.

You can not run with pregnant and lactating animals.

You can test your strength with your pet, for example, in these races:

Race with dogs

on rough terrain as part of the cross "Fox Mountain".

When: annually in April.

Where: in the Moscow park "Bitsevsky Forest". The length of the route is 2 km.

How much: the cost of participation in 2019 is 1,000 rubles.

This is not a specialized cross for participants with homework pets, however runners with dogs

are allowed to compete


When: June - August.

Where: Bitsevsky forest, Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo, Saltykovsky forest park, Alyoshkinsky forest (depending on the date). The length of the route is from 500 m to 50 km.

How much: 350-1,200 rubles, depending on the distance.

International competitions for the Cup of the head of the Bogorodsky city district (Moscow region). At a distance you will have to not only run, but also overcome various obstacles, so you can not do without sports training and established interaction with your pet. For participants there are several tracks of varying difficulty.

When: June 15 and 16.

Where: Moscow region, Bogorodsky city district, Elektrougli, md. Bright, recreation area "Kupavna Kursavel".

How much: from 1,000 to 2,500 rubles, depending on the discipline and the time of registration.

Four-legged trainer: how to play sports with a dog

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Having fun with the dog , for which you can also get a medal.

This is the same Frisbee, only with a four-legged partner. The essence of the game is that the dog has time to catch a plate before it falls to the ground. But do not rush to shift all responsibility to the pet - it is very important to correctly launch the plate, calculate the speed and flight path taking into account the physical capabilities of your animal. Of course, this comes with experience - joint training will help you better understand each other.

The founder of the dog-frisbee, Alex Stein, decided to demonstrate this sport to a wide audience and chose a baseball game for this, which was held in Los Angeles on August 4, 1974.

As much as 8 minutes during the match, Stein and his dog Ashley played Frisbee. Pet tricks were spectacular. True, the police did not appreciate such a performance and arrested the owner. But there was a businessman on the podium, who was struck by the performance - he made a pledge for the offender and offered help in the development of the dog Frisbee.

Today, the discipline can be divided into amateur and professional levels, which differ in a set of tricks, the growth and speed of the dog, the difficulty of throwing in the disc and the degree of understanding of the pet and the owner.

Healthy dogs of all breeds, including mestizos, are allowed to compete. But it is believed that the most capable in this sport are Aussies, Border Collies, Jack Russell Terriers and Sheltie. You can compete in two disciplines: mini-distance and freestyle, where the dog performs tricks to the music, while catching a plate for Frisbee.

When: the nearest - June 16, 2019.

Where: Rugby field in the Friendship Park at the River Station.

How much: from 100 to 350 rubles, depending on the category. Beginners are allowed!



- June 15, 2019.

Where: Kuskovo park.

How much: price on request.

Four-legged trainer: how to play sports with a dog

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This is an obstacle course with dog. Your physical form, spatial thinking, and level of understanding with your pet are very important here. Indeed, success directly depends on whether you can maintain the right pace at a distance and how quickly and accurately you coordinate your pet. Training for this sport can be very diverse - a set of obstacles will not let you or the dog get bored.

This sport appeared in 1978 in the UK at the Crufts dog show.

Event organizer John Varley was a fan of equestrian sports and was inspired by him to create the show. Agility viewers really liked it, so it was fixed in the program of the exhibition, and later became popular outside of England.

For admission to official competitions, certain requirements are imposed on pets, for example, they must be older than 18 months and have a mark or chip, the pedigree is not required. In amateur competitions, any dogs can perform, regardless of age. In agility, there are three categories that depend on the height of the dogs (up to 35 centimeters, from 35 to 43 centimeters, above 43 centimeters).

Agility courses are offered by many dog ​​centers, you can choose any suitable location, price and time of classes.

Official competitions are held year-round throughout Russia. You can take a closer look and decide whether such activity suits your pet, at the next competitions:

When :

June 15, 2019.

Where: Degunino site.

How many: viewers are allowed for free.

Specify conditions of participation at the organizers.


July 13, 2019.

Where: CC "Yasenevo".

How many: viewers are allowed for free. Specify conditions of participation at the organizers.

Four-legged trainer: how to play sports with a dog

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If you want to combine cycling and walking with a dog - this sport is for you. In bikejoring, the dog must pull the athlete riding over rough terrain, so you should not expect a calm and relaxed ride. You can control the dog only with the help of voice commands - any physical contact entails disqualification. So, not only will you train your muscles, but also your vocal cords.

Bikejoring is a form of dog riding. It came from winter sports with a pet, because the animals participating in the competitions needed to keep fit and train even in the summer. Typically, the length of the route is from 3 to 10 km, but sometimes there are distances and longer.

Healthy dogs must be at least 18 months old in the competition. The breed of your pet is not important, but most often husky, malamutes, Samoyeds and Greenlanders are harnessed to a bicycle.

But dog handlers say that you can work with any dog, even with a royal poodle, a shepherd or even a spitz. The main thing is the leadership qualities of the pet. But the desire for primacy should not be accompanied by aggression - for unfriendly behavior the dog can be removed from the competition.

Serious ranked race for professionals - Cup stage IFSS (International Riding Federation). But in the framework of these competitions there is a category ha316320y-dog, which anyone can apply for with a healthy dog ​​older than 12 months.

When : annually in May.

Where : Leningrad region, Vyborg region, the village of Ozerki.

How much: from 500 to 2,700 rubles, depending on the discipline and the time of registration.

Race for both amateurs and professionals . Organizers offer several categories, including for beginners.

So, regardless of the level of preparation, everyone can participate in their class.

When: June 22.

Where: Barnaul, pr. Kosmonavtov, 61.

How much: from 100 to 400 rubles, depending on the discipline and time of registration.

Four-legged trainer: how to play sports with a dog

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This is a traditional winter riding discipline, the founder of vacancy and bikjoring. As they say, prepare a sled in the summer, so we will tell you about this sport. It’s just that you need to cook not skiing, but skiing: the dog in skijoring must run and pull the owner along with it. But to relax and just roll with the breeze is unlikely to succeed - for a good result you need to be a worthy partner: stand skiing confidently, maneuver and feel the pace of the pet.

It is believed that skidjoring was invented in Norway, at first dogs - team leaders were trained in a similar way. The animal was supposed to pull a ski coach. Over time, the northerners decided to compare their best dogs, introduced a competitive spirit, and skijoring turned into an independent sport. The first competition on it took place in 1930. Skijoring quickly spread throughout the northern countries, especially it attracted the Americans, who did a lot to popularize it.

So, in 2011 in the state of Minnesota, the largest competitions were held, in which more than two hundred teams took part.

Skijoring is done with one or two dogs of the northern breeds - husky or Samoyeds. But, of course, there are no participants' restrictions on breeds - sometimes hounds, shepherd dogs or Labradors perform worthily. The length of the route, as a rule, is from 3 to 15 kilometers. But there are many days of racing over very long distances.

So, the length of the route of the Northern Hope sled dog race, which runs in Russia, is 260 kilometers!

Race in one of the varieties of skijoring - skipulling, when the dog pulls the sled, and not the skier. A fun way to get back in shape after the New Year holidays!

When: annually in January.

Where: Moscow region, Bogorodsky city district, Elektrougli, recreation zone "Linden Alley".

How much: the cost of participation in 2019 is 500-650 rubles.

International Race

, which has been held since 2005.

Over the course of eight years, the proceeds from the competition have been used to help orphans and children with disabilities. Participation in such a competition requires quite serious preparation: the minimum distance for adults is 25 kilometers.

When: annually in February.

Where: Kostroma region, Neysky district, Alekseevskoe village.

How much: The cost of participation in 2019 is 2 500-6 000 rubles.

Juniors compete for free.

In general, the dog, of course, can do more than just give a paw or bring slippers. She can be an excellent inspirer and partner in training, expand your horizons and give a new hobby.



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