Four Challenges from 2018 World Cup Ambassadors: Play Sports and Win

The 2018 FIFA World Cup ambassadors - singer Nyusha, TV presenter Yana Churikova, rapper Basta and football player Alexander Kerzhakov - know how to instill a love of a healthy lifestyle, and pose new challenges for you.

Invent and demonstrate a dance in honor of the World Cup in Russia, shoot it on video, put special hashtags # Hold_pass and # Nyusha Challenge and tell us about your way to be in shape, about what inspired you to this dance.

Prepare your own version of a healthy breakfast, post photos or videos, put special hashtags # Hold_pass and # Churikova Challenge and tell us how useful your breakfast is and what gives you the right start to the day.

Instead of a break, do exercises and take them on a photo or video, put special hashtags # Hold_pass and # Kerzhakov Challenge and win cool prizes! Chronicle your new life without smoking.

Think up a recitative or a verse about healthy lifestyle and do it during your workout, shoot the video and put it on the social network, put special hashtags # Hold_pass and # Basta Challenge and tell us what football and sports inspire you to do.

You can read more challenging, interesting and useful materials on the site of the project "Team of Champions". Follow the link and get better!



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