For those who train at home: 8 cool fitness channels on YouTube

Especially for those who want to do fitness, but are not ready to pay for the services of a coach and buy cards to the gym, we have made a selection of useful YouTube channels. They will help in your endeavors - professionals will teach the basics and replace boring workouts with interesting exercises.

Blogilates is the first women's fitness channel on YouTube. A certified specialist, fitness and pilates instructor Cassie Ho shows exercises that will help work out every area of ​​the body. One of Cassie’s channel features is a celebrity playlist.

Cassie tells how Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Gigi Hadid and other stars manage to keep fit, and also explains how to achieve similar results.

The name of the creator of the channel speaks for itself - Caleb Marshall. His training is not just a set of exercises, but a whole dance. With rhythmic music, Caleb teaches the audience to dance in the style of "hip-hop-cardio." The channel has a simple selection of movements for beginners and full-fledged dances for advanced ones.

Videos are also suitable for warming up before a more complex set of exercises.

The creators of the channel believe that all people can have a beautiful and toned body. Video training at all levels of difficulty are freely available. They are distributed in complexes where everyone can find a selection to their liking. Each level has its own plan, designed to achieve a specific goal - burning extra pounds, maintaining shape, developing endurance or increasing muscle mass.

The training technique of Dan and Brandon consists in using only one object - a jump rope. With its help, the guys have achieved tremendous success and are now conducting weight loss trainings, showing how to train effectively without extra equipment costs.

Ever wanted to learn from a titled bodybuilder? Now you have such an opportunity. For her channel, Kali records inspirational videos and shoots very unusual workouts. Once upon a time he went to prison and it was there that he began to train hard.

It shows how cardinal changes can be made and what prison training is.

Very unusual channel: instead of the lead athlete, the viewer sees a realistic model on the screen real person. The well-designed model movements and the pleasant voice-over of the speaker help to tune in to hard work. One of the best home gymnastic workouts aimed at toning the body and reducing body fat.

There are no fitness instructors or leading athletes on the channel who tell us how to do this or that exercise.

Ultimate Fitness Motivation is loaded with three-minute videos with the achievements of different people.Nice picture, inspiring music and stories of those who have achieved their goal. Have you been looking for an incentive for a long time? Please, here it is!

This is not just a set of numbers. This is the year of birth of the creator of the channel. In the video, a 56-year-old man proves to the world that everyone can succeed.

Age does not prevent him from feeling one hundred percent and looking appropriately. By his example, he not only inspires peers, but also shows the young generation how important it is to lead an active lifestyle.



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