For health reasons: 3 stories when surgery to change the appearance is not a fad

- Weight was my problem, as far as I can remember. My parents constantly tried to fascinate me with sports, sometimes it was even forced. I well remember how in my teens I went to the forest with my dad (we lived outside the city), while he walked with dogs, I ran 5-7 km without a break, almost to the point of unconsciousness. And I won’t say that I ate more than my peers or stuck in some problems, this was not. With my growing up, the weight gradually increased, I already stopped weighing, it was like a nightmare - to get on the scales and see these numbers.

Like any girl, I wanted to go not in hoodies, but in beautiful clothes, so when I met my future husband and it was going to the wedding, I thought about radical weight loss. At that time, my weight was 94 kg, and what I just did not try: regular training in the gym, and diet pills, and various diets. The same Ducan diet helped me lose no more than 2-3 kg. Scrolling through the pages of the Internet again, I stumbled upon a bariatric surgery site, began to study this issue, and after three months I was already sure that I would do the operation. My husband did not dissuade me, because the main goal was not beauty, but my health.

The operation itself to bandage the stomach went well, and rehabilitation too. I managed to lose 14 kg, and then there was some kind of stopper. Here all the cons of the bandage surfaced.

I was told that the bandage will be tightened in the upper part of the stomach, and when a person eats a small amount of food, he eats up. In fact, this is not so.

My feelings were disgusting, I could not eat solid food, it seemed to be stuck, this pain can be compared to as if you were choking.

The only way to cheat the bandage is to drink warm tea. Which, in fact, I did, because of which I overeat and began to gain weight again.

Then I decided on a stomach resection. Why didn't you do it right away? Before, I could allow someone to put some foreign body in my body, but not cut off part of the organ.

Psychologically, it was hard to accept. I decided quite quickly, did not hesitate for years, as many do.

After resection of the stomach, I feel like a different person. I don’t even remember myself that way in school, so that I could see my weight starting with the number 6. I can buy the clothes that I liked, and not the ones that fit me.

For example, yesterday I went to the store and asked about the models, and the seller said: "You know, we don’t have such a small size as yours." All my life I have heard the opposite. It’s worth losing weight for this.



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