FOMO: what is the syndrome of missed opportunities and how to cope with it

Set aside your smartphone. Start at least half an hour a day. Do not hold the phone in your hands all the time. Make sure nothing bad happens if you tear yourself away from the screen and look around.

Choose live communication.

A thousand friends on Face15ook is nothing more than an illusion. Do not seek to actively communicate with everyone. It is better to drink coffee with those who are really dear and interesting to you. Disconnect your smartphone during the meeting so as not to be distracted.

Leave time for thought.

It may be an early morning when you just woke up, or a day off. Listen to yourself, take a deep breath, and decide what really matters to you. If necessary, write on paper what you feel right now, what worries and excites you.

Set your priorities and you will see how you learn to sift out the unnecessary without any guilt.



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