Fitness Studio Five Concept Fitness celebrated its first birthday

In the first year, over 8,500 people visited the studio. Guests and employees consider themselves like-minded people who share a common goal and mood. Every few months, the Five Concept Fitness team organizes special parties at which, under the performances of musicians and dj sets, customers get acquainted with unusual exercises, participate in fitness marathons, give away prizes and receive surprises from the studio’s beauty partners.

The most popular workouts in the studio are #HIITYourAss, Kim Kardashian Workout, Twine Everyone, Functional Cycle and 12 Rounds. #HIITYourAss is a high-intensity interval training with emphasis on the muscles of the buttocks and legs.

It consists of three 10-minute cardio blocks that alternate with five-minute power blocks. Kim Kardashian Workout uses only the muscles of the buttocks and reduces the work to its feet to zero. "Twine to everyone!" Suitable for all levels of preparedness. Functional Cycle - training on stationary bikes, which allows you to burn from 600 to 1,000 calories per workout. And 12 Rounds - intensive training, is a mix of working with a boxing bag and functional exercises.

The studio works on a pay as you train system: the client pays only for the training. Five Concept Fitness is located at Nizhny Susalny Lane, Building 5, p. 3a, in the Arma Business District. You can sign up and pay for the training on the official website .



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