Fitball exercises for the back and spine: a complex with a ball

Safely strengthening the back at any age will help exercises with the ball for the spine. The ball - or fitball - is an ideal tool for physical education, both at home and in the gym.

Tactics of strengthening the back

Before we talk about how to engage in fitball, what exercises are for this, and how to do them, we will analyze one point.

Strengthening the back consists of two components: work with the press and work with the muscles of the back.

Fitball exercises for the back and spine: a complex with a ball

The vertical position of the body is maintained due to the balanced tension of the abdominal muscles and back.

If either side is stronger than the other, there will certainly be a violation of posture, chronic stoop, headaches.

To avoid all this, the back should be trained in parallel with the press. Both this and that can be strengthened with a fitness ball.

How to choose the right fitball

There is an opinion that the ball should be a certain size, should correspond to your height. On the one hand, it is important for pregnant women to create the most comfortable conditions for them.

On the other hand, for a person outside this position, this is not so important. Naturally, if the ball is very small, you will not be able to balance it.

Fitball exercises for the back and spine: a complex with a ball

Therefore, among the assortment of balls with diameters from 45 to 90 cm, you need to choose your own individual ball. Experts advise you to choose the size like this: sit on the ball, bend your legs at the knees. If the angle in the knee is about 90 degrees, this is definitely your ball.

When you have already decided on the size, check the elasticity of the fitness ball. Too resilient the ball will not allow you to maintain balance on it during the exercise. At the same time, a deflated fitball will not provide the necessary support for your body.

We conclude: pump up the fitness ball so that it bends a little under you.

For whom will fitball be useful?

First of all, a fitness ball is necessary for people who have pain in the spine.

With a hernia, osteochondrosis, fitball exercises will be very useful.

For athletes, this is a good way to unload your back after a hard workout. For older people - the opportunity to safely strengthen the muscles of the lower back, back and abs, both at home and in the gym.

For disabled people with mobility difficulties, this is a chance to exercise.

Exercises for the back

Recall that in parallel with the back on the fitball you need to train the press.

Fitball is ideal for strengthening the side of the abdominal press, which is very convenient for many categories of practitioners.


With a hernia of the spine, you need to carefully train your back. Of course, back muscles need to be strengthened. It is necessary! But you can’t immediately do deadlifts, for example, or tilt with a barbell. Conventional hyperextension may also be too "rough" exercise.

Fitball exercises for the back and spine: a complex with a ball

The fitball in this case greatly helps.When you do exercises on it, you depreciate a little. This makes the job easier. In addition, you lie comfortably on a soft surface.

In order to do this exercise, you need to lie on your fitness ball belly down.

The fulcrum should be on the hips and lower abdomen.

Do not be afraid to lie down on the ball. It is strong enough not to burst. Moreover, he cannot burst if he is not pumped to the limit. The material is too strong, and the ball design is specially designed to support large weights.

So, let's go:

  1. Lay on the ball as we wrote earlier, socks rest on the floor. Legs are straight, next to each other.
  2. Hands behind your head, look straight ahead and up.
  3. Bend the lower back so that the pelvis moves up. Keep this bend throughout the exercise.

  4. Tilt the housing down to its maximum position. If you notice that the lower back begins to round at some point, then you should not reach a larger angle now. Just not enough stretching, it happens.
  5. Take 10-15 such inclinations, rest.

Everything needs to be done smoothly, slowly.

Do not be afraid that you will fall. You have enough counterweight in the form of your legs, and the fitness ball makes it even more reliable.

A boat on a fitball

Not everyone can make a “boat” element on a rug, to say nothing of a fitness ball. This is already aerobatics.

The exercise is performed in the same way as the classic version on the floor.

Only with your stomach you lean on an unstable ball.

The difficulty of the exercise is to maintain balance when your legs are off the floor. At this point, your body will rest solely on a ball that can ride. For older people, we do not recommend this exercise. We also do not recommend it for persons undergoing rehabilitation after spinal injuries.

Leaving your legs back on the fitball

You need to lie on your stomach on the fitness ball, put your hands on the floor:

  1. When you have taken the starting position, lift the straight right leg as far as possible. In this case, you will feel tension in the buttock and lower back. We will be interested in the lower back, as this is the most vulnerable spot for a hernia of the spine.
  2. Hold your foot in this position for several seconds.
  3. Lower it, and then raise the other leg.

  4. For both legs you need to do 10-15 lifts.

After any exercise, roll onto your back and lie on the ball, bending your back and relaxing it. Due to the efforts of the legs, ride back and forth, left and right, massage the lower back and part of the back. So you will do a small massage for the back and a hitch after a workout.

Back massage with fitball

It is especially useful to do this on a fitness ball with a hernia of the spine.

We’ll take a closer look at what we started talking about in the previous section:

  1. Sit on the fitball with your legs apart at shoulder level.
  2. Go back down to the fitball, throw your hands back behind your head.
  3. Bend, allow the ball to fully form the curve of your back.
  4. Now you need to ride back and forth - 10 times, right and left - also 10 times.
  5. After all, just lie down in a relaxed state.

Everything, the exercise is completed.

Fitball exercises for the back and spine: a complex with a ball

Fitball exercises for children

If your child has incorrect posture, you can buy him a small fitball and start practicing. We are talking about children from 10 years and older. With children from younger age groups, difficulties can arise, since the ball for them will become just a toy that can be rolled around the house.

Provide your child with insurance, if necessary, hold by the legs.

Usually, children calmly play on the ball, do everything themselves without the help of their parents. For the child it will be useful and safe.

Of the exercises, it is best to perform hyperextension - this will be most interesting for children.

Insurance and safety issues

The ball is a round thing, it rolls on the floor. Accordingly, you can fall from it.

For some, this fall will be just a ridiculous event, and for someone - an occasion for going to the doctor.

Fitball exercises for the back and spine: a complex with a ball

Therefore, for the elderly and those who are not self-confident, it is better to use insurance. Any person can insure. Just ask him to hold your legs slightly, for example.

Fitball relieves stress from the back.

This is a huge plus work on the back with a hernia. Since the load is removed, the pain syndrome is also removed.

With a hernia, even hyperextension can lead to pain of various degrees. On fitball, this is not so acute.



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