Films from the side-by-side program of the LGBT film festival will be shown in Moscow

In Moscow, in the framework of the tour, a total of 23 films will be shown: 7 full-length and 16 short. Among them are both arthouse cinema and documentary. Also in the program are meetings with filmmakers and discussions on sensitive social topics.

On the weekend, you can still catch the Chilean family drama "Rara" directed by Pep San Martin about the life of a twelve-year-old girl, Sarah, and her relationship with her mother, who began to live with a woman. The second feature film is a comedy drama directed by John Butler "Fatal Beauty", about the difficult but sincere relationship that develops between two teenagers in an Irish boarding school.

After the shows, discussions will be held about rainbow families and LGBT teens.

On Saturday and Sunday there will be a demonstration of documentaries about famous representatives of LGBT and queer culture. Spanish


directors Catherine Gund and Dareshi Cui will talk about the legendary Mexican singer of songs in the style of "rancher" Chavele Vargas, who in the middle of the last century, revolutionized Mexican music and, abandoning the feminine image, went on stage in trousers and a poncho, with a bottle of tequila in her hand. And the British film Daisy Escuit "Quirama" will present an analysis of how LGBT themes appeared in British cinema over the past century.

The tour of the international LGBT film festival "Side by Side" takes place in the space "Cpeda Loft" (Nizhny Susalny Lane, d.

5, p. 4, floor 1). The cost of tickets is 250-300 rubles. Admission to all events is for adults only. For more information and timetables, visit bok-o-bok.

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