Films about the fight: 5 exciting and motivating paintings

Martial Arts is one of the oldest ways to find out who is stronger, to prove their superiority, to compete for the right to be called the best. Today, the most famous martial arts include Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling . These are two different styles of wrestling recognized internationally.

Greco-Roman - it is also classical - the struggle appeared in Ancient Rome and later developed in the Roman Empire. Greco-Roman wrestling acquired a modern look in France in the 19th century.

Since 1896, this type of struggle has been included in the program of the Olympic Games. The task of the athletes is to unbalance the opponent and press their backs against the carpet.

In Greco-Roman wrestling, unlike free-style wrestling, technical actions with legs (hooks, steps, sweeps) and grips of feet with hands are prohibited. All techniques are directed only to the upper part of the body. The meeting is held in two periods of three minutes with a break of 30 seconds.

Wrestlers gain a certain amount of points for every throw, hold or move that they perform in the bout. The winner is the one who scores the most points.

Alexander Karelin, three-time Olympic champion, nine-time world champion, twelve-time European champion and thirteen-time champion of the USSR and Russia, was recognized as the greatest fighter of the Greco-Roman style of the XX century.

Greco-Roman wrestling combines flexibility and strength. During training, special attention is paid to the development of the "bridge" and acrobatic elements: flips, wheels, rondata, handstand, lifting from the back by deflection.

In freestyle wrestling , grabs of the opponent’s legs, sweeping and active use of the legs are allowed when performing techniques. The goal is the same as in the Greco-Roman wrestling: to lay the opponent on his back.

Freestyle wrestling is a freer sport compared to Greco-Roman wrestling and more spectacular. For wrestlers, endurance and technique are important. To develop a specific strength, the wrestlers train on the uneven bars, the crossbar, and perform weight training exercises.

In addition to men's freestyle wrestling, which has been included in the program of the Olympics since 1904, there is also female freestyle wrestling. For the first time, women entered the Olympic carpet in 2004 in Athens. Female Greco-Roman wrestling as a discipline does not yet exist due to the high risk of injury.

Wrestling is a solitary sport in which the character of an athlete is manifested. Many directors strive to reveal the essence of wrestlers and create pictures where life struggles accompany wrestling on the carpet.

The most interesting thing is to watch how a person copes with them thanks to sport.

IMDb rating: 7. 00

Multimillionaire John Dupont (Steve Carell) decides train the freestyle wrestling Fox Hunters for the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Inviting fighter Mark Schulz (Channing Tatum) to his estate, he takes control of him. Mark wants to overtake in the achievements of his brother - a successful fighter Dave Schultz.

The picture is tense, but differs from other sports dramas in the director's approach to revealing characters. The plot is based on real events. Actors playing brothers-wrestlers, half a year before filming, were engaged in wrestling in order to better get used to the role. The film was nominated five times for an Oscar, three times for a Golden Globe, and in 2014 received an award for directing at the Cannes Film Festival.

IMDb rating: 6.


Drama about desire for victory and family values. Starring professional wrestler John Cena, as well as Devon Graye and Danny Glover. Well-read and smart, but completely unsportsmanlike, Cal Chetley enters the school wrestling team to win the competition, as his father once did. The elder brother, his complete opposite and former famous athlete, is taken to support Cal. An inspirational film about moving forward that can be watched by the whole family.

IMDb rating: 6. 60

In 2014 the year the film attracted the attention of the Russian-speaking community. The main character of the picture is Russian and Soviet professional wrestler Ivan Poddubny (played by Mikhail Porechenkov). Poddubny was called the “Russian hero” and “champion of champions”. He went down in history as a wrestler who has not lost a single (!) Competition in classical (Greco-Roman) wrestling in forty years.

The picture is about people in Russia at the beginning of the twentieth century and a man who has become a world phenomenon, about a national character in its most direct understanding, about physical and spiritual strength. A biopic does not always consistently reproduce the details of an athlete’s life, but emphasizes the key periods of his life.

IMDb rating: 7. 20

Freestyle wrestling and overcoming difficulties go to the cinema next to each other. The film "American Wrestler: The Wizard" begins in 1980 in the United States.

Caught in the hostile environment of the new school, the main character Ali Jahani (George Kosturos) decides to learn how to fend for himself - and enters the wrestling section. Don’t be confused by the name: in English, wrestl101ng is the name of both wrestling and a fighting show in the ring. The film inspires you to fight for your dream, and the beautiful picture, colors and aesthetics of America of the last century add a pleasant impression of the picture.

IMDb rating: 7. 00

Sports drama based on the real life story of wrestler Matt Hamill, nicknamed The Hammer.

Having been born deaf, from early childhood he was forced to survive in a cruel world and learn to find a common language with others. Despite a serious health problem, Matt (Russell Harvard) does not think of giving up and is moving towards his goal. A strong movie about a strong man that will especially hook you if you are interested in a sport like wrestling.



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