Feet lying on your side - the perfect shape of the buttocks

Swinging your legs to the side lying on your side is a simple but effective exercise that is included in many workouts to work out the legs and buttocks. Due to the fact that it does not need special equipment, it is often used during class at home.

Work of muscles

First of all, swinging the legs sideways affects the buttock region, namely the middle and small gluteal muscles, the tensor of the wide fascia. The body stabilizers also receive a load, namely: oblique muscles of the abdomen, lower back, extensors of the spine. Additionally, the movement involves the small muscles of the legs.

Feet lying on your side - the perfect shape of the buttocks
In the classic version, medium and small gluteal muscles work.

Depending on the starting position, the trajectory of the leg with the swing and the turn of the foot, quadriceps, thigh biceps and large gluteus muscles can be included in the work.

Feet lying on your side - the perfect shape of the buttocks
Displacement of the load when changing the position of the working leg.

It is worthwhile to understand that swings are strength exercises. Their implementation can significantly improve the shape of the buttocks, but by themselves they do not contribute to weight loss.

If your goal is to reduce volumes, supplement your workouts with cardio workouts and lower calorie intake.

Performing exercise

To begin, lie on your right side and stretch your legs. Place one hand on the floor in front of you at the level of the abdomen, and lean on the elbow of the other. Make sure that you can maintain balance in this position and you are comfortable.

The classic version of the sideways swings on the middle gluteal muscles:

  • Take your left leg up as far as you can with the hip joint.

    The leg is straight, abduction occurs vertically sideways, not forward and not backward. The right leg, which is located below, can be slightly bent for better stability.

  • Return the leg to its original position. Repeat the set number of times and roll over onto the other side.
Feet lying on your side - the perfect shape of the buttocks
Raising the leg vertically up.

We shift the emphasis to the side of the gluteus maximus muscles and the posterior thigh:

  • Lying on the left side, move your right leg up and back a little. At the same time, shorten the foot and turn it with the heel to the ceiling.
  • Do the desired number of repetitions and roll over.

If, on the contrary, you need to transfer the load forward:

  • From the starting position, raise and lower your leg forward. In this case, turn the foot slightly toe to the ceiling.

A combined option for those who need to work out everything at once:

  • Get on your knees. Lean to the left and place your left hand on the floor, and bend your right hand at the elbow and place your palm behind your head. Straighten your left leg and lift it to parallel with the floor. This is the starting position.
  • As you inhale, lift your raised leg forward.

    This is the first phase.

  • On exhalation, take the same leg back - the second phase.
  • Repeat the moves for a specified number of times.
Feet lying on your side - the perfect shape of the buttocks
This exercise involves several muscle groups at once.

For beginners, it is enough to do 2 approaches for each leg, and for those who are confident in their abilities, you can increase their number to 3-4.

The number of repetitions in the approach is 15-20.

To achieve a lasting result and harmonious development of the muscles of the lower body, combine swing with other strength exercises. Finish each session with a stretch.

Using weights

When you have fully mastered the exercise and can perform the maximum number of repetitions, the legs will begin to lose their effectiveness. To avoid this, try complicated versions of the swings.

Specifically, use weights.

Feet lying on your side - the perfect shape of the buttocks
Execution with weighting agents.

Put weighting weights of 0.5-1 kg on your feet. This will make it difficult to swing and make the muscles work even harder.

You can use a rubber expander or tape for the same purpose.

Swinging legs is an indispensable exercise for pumping the buttocks. Its regular performance will significantly improve the shape of the lower body and bring the muscles to the necessary tone.



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