Expander exercises for men and women: training the whole body

Exercises with an expander for men can increase strength and slightly increase muscle mass. For girls, this is a good way to do home fitness, allowing you to bring the figure in good shape.

Types of expanders

Before disassembling the exercises, you should pay attention to the types of expanders. Today in sports stores you can find expanders for every taste and color, steel, rubber, plastic. The simplest expander is a silicone tape, you can do anything with it, it belongs to universal shells.

Spring and other - more profiled shells.

Expander exercises for men and women: training the whole body

Manual expander

To strengthen the muscles of the hand and forearm, there is such thing like carpal expander. It can be presented in the form of a donut ring, a spring or two handles, between which a spring ring. Some of them are equipped with a repetition counter. This is very convenient when you do not 10 and not 20 repetitions.

Dynamometer - an expander with a force indicator that allows you to measure your wrist effort. This is convenient for those who are going to monitor their results. And it’s just interesting to know how many kilograms the compression force of your brush corresponds to.

These expanders can only strengthen the hand and forearm, so they are not considered universal.


Butterfly expander is a shell resembling an insect of the same name consisting of ring handles and a central spring hidden from our eyes by a plastic coating.

That is, the essence of his work is the same as that of the wrist variant - you squeeze the handles, overcoming the resistance of the spring. Only the size is larger, which allows you to train larger muscle groups. Such a projectile is useful for training the inner thighs or pectoral muscles.

Expander exercises for men and women: training the whole body

In general, all exercises that are aimed at bringing arms or legs together can be done with this expander.

Elastic bands and sticks

Exercises with elastic bands can be done on almost all the muscles of the body.

It can be used as a ski simulator, for rowing, squatting with it, pushing up on the floor. In general, you can do everything that you have enough imagination for. With a band expander, you can practice shock and throwing equipment, which will be useful for MMA fighters, boxers, combat sambo wrestlers.

Expander exercises for men and women: training the whole body

Expanding sticks in the form of elastic sticks are suitable for training chest and back muscles.

Breast expanders

These are expanders, which are 2 handles fastened with 4-8 silicone or steel springs.

They are perfect not only for the chest, but also for the back, abs, biceps, buttocks, and are able to partially replace the gym.

Which expander to choose

In order to decide on the choice of the expander, you need to decide on the purpose of training. What do you want to get in the end? Most men want to shake hands firmly and strongly so that the person you greet with will recognize your strength from the first handshake. For some, grabbing is important for other reasons.

Someone wants to strengthen their muscles at home.

And someone has a too limited budget.

For the last category of people, we can safely recommend exercises with a ribbon. Silicone tape is not a problem to buy, it costs a little, and its functionality is very diverse.

If there is no problem with money, you can diversify your home gym a bit by buying a number of hand expanders (we will explain why one will not be enough later) and some kind of universal consisting of a rubber spring and several handles.

Several carpal expanders are needed in order to ensure progression of the load.

You need to start with weak compression, gradually increasing the load. Be prepared for the fact that over time you need to buy more rigid expanders. As a result, you can switch to all-steel shells with a thick spring and a force of up to 100 kg (if desired, a stronger grip can be developed).

If there is no sports store near you, or the assortment in it does not suit you, type a request on the Internet and choose the one you like with home delivery. This is more convenient than shopping and looking for equipment with your own eyes.


Let's look at options for exercises with different types of expanders.

Brush strength exercises

No matter which hand shell you use, the system will be similar.

  1. Make 15-20 squeezes with an expander of weak strength (warm-up).
  2. Take your working expander and do 15-20 contractions with it. At compression 20, hold your hand in a compressed state for 30-60 seconds.

    Rest a minute.

  3. Complete 3-4 sets.

On some days, you can try your hand at the maximum number of squeezes. Each compression should be given with little difficulty, otherwise there is no sense in the exercise.

If you feel that everything is too easy for you, it's time to buy a more serious projectile.

Chest exercises

You can practice with a universal expander, or you can buy a profiled chest projectile.

  1. Pull the expander behind your back, grab its handles in front of you with your hands. Stretch your arms.
  2. You can simulate a dumbbell bench press or barbell. Since the expander rests against your back, when you press the handles from yourself, the springs will create resistance for you, loading the chest.

  3. You can simulate mixing dumbbells from the same position.
  4. You need to do 4 sets of 15 times. This exercise is unlikely to greatly increase the mass of the pectoral muscles, but it will polish the shape of the chest.

Expander exercises for men and women: training the whole body

You can vary the angle of the plane in which the movement is relative to the floor. That is, change the direction in which you will do bench presses and breeding information.

The higher you raise your arms relative to the horizontal, the more the shoulders and upper chest will be involved in the process. The lower you lower, the heavier the lower and inner parts of the pectoral muscles. Do 2 exercises from different angles.

Triceps exercises

A rubber band expander can be very convenient.Press one end with your foot, take the other end with your hand and imitate the dumbbell press from behind your head.

You can also attach the expander to the ceiling or any high point, and simulate the extension of the arms in the block. If you attach the expander to the floor, you can try to make a French bench press.

And the simplest option, which also shakes the shoulders, is an imitation of the bench press standing or sitting. If you have a rubber band, stand on its middle, and bend your arms with ends at your elbows and move them closer to your shoulders. Now straighten them up.

Feel the resistance? The stronger you pull the tape, the more resistance there will be. Use this. Perform 3 sets of 15 times.

Biceps exercises

Many exercises performed with the tape can also be done with the spring expander. We fix one handle on the leg, put this leg forward a little, transfer the center of gravity to it.

In the lower back we bend, not hunch.

The elbows are pressed to the body and we do the bending of the arms. Springs should counteract you.

Repeat this exercise 15 times in 3 sets. You can do it with two hands, but if it is too easy, do each hand in turn.

If you are not satisfied with the exercises with a spring expander, you can use the aforementioned silicone tape for fitness.

Exercises with a rubber expander are done in the same way - stand on the tape with your feet, wrap the ends around the hands and hold them tight. You can bend your arms at the elbows one by one, or you can bend them at the same time.

Exercises on the legs

Stand in the middle of the expander. Stretch it to feel good resistance.

Bend your arms, press your elbows to your belt, press your fists with the ends of the expander to your shoulders. In the back, keep the natural deflection. This is the starting position for squats.

Next, do as many squats as we can. We repeat this in 3-4 approaches.

We work to failure.

If you fasten the tape under the socks, you can perform lifting on the socks on the calf muscles. We do this exercise for a maximum of repetitions.

This exercise is pumped by calves, extensors of the legs, and the inside of the thighs.

Press and back

Stand on the middle of the tape with your feet, bend with a straight back to parallel with the floor.

Bend your arms at the elbows and press against the body. In this position, the tape should be tensioned.

Now, overcoming the load, straighten the body. The back remains straight throughout the exercise. This movement will be similar to a slope with a barbell.

We do 3 sets of 20 times, do not forget to bend in the lower back and look only forward.

Exercise for the press - sit on a fitness mat, fasten the tape behind us for something. Hands bent at the elbows, elbows at the lower back, fists at the shoulders or chin. Twisting affairs or torso raises 4 sets of 20 times.

You can attach the tape to the floor and lift your legs from a prone position.

In general, variations of the sea.


Ideally, a set of exercises with an expander should be designed to work out all muscle groups.

It makes sense to do 3-4 sets of 15-20 times in each exercise. The expander is not a substitute for heavy basic exercises (after all, the load is much less), but it is ideal for home workouts. We will not advise to gain mass with the help of expanders, but keeping the body in good shape and working out the relief is another matter.

For girls it is advisable to do exercises with the butterfly expander, men can ignore it.

Training with the expander should take place 3 times a week for the whole body, and for the hands you can give a load daily.

If you give the maximum load on endurance, you should not be engaged daily. Keep schedule 1 through 1, that is, engage in a day.

Girls should focus on the lower body, waist, back, chest.

Be sure to include squats for the buttocks and hips in the complex. The flexors and extensors of the hands in women are not emphasized.

It is important for men to strengthen their shoulders, torso, arms from all sides. Since the expander will not give you a powerful load on your legs, you can do exercises for them just to strengthen them.

For fighters - attach the universal expander to the wall (you need the expander to have convenient handles), move a little away from the attachment point, picking up a shell.

Stand with your back to the wall. Simulate impacts, if the load is weak - move on. A sort of shadow boxing will make your blow stronger.



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