Exercising does not shorten life expectancy. How we spent the first of April

Most of all, readers were impressed by the news that an active lifestyle significantly reduces life expectancy. It was read more than 83 thousand times! But, unfortunately or fortunately, this is an April Fool’s joke. This news is fictional: the Institute of North Essex does not exist, and recommendations from scientists look completely implausible. For example, there was this: "refuse a subscription to a fitness club, instead, issue a ticket to a gastronomic tour of the Golden Ring."

Vacations harm emotional health - also fiction.

April First scientist does not exist (at least we could not find it using Google), and indeed it’s just a kind of transliteration of the words first a6ril.

We also came up with five tips on how to exercise properly. These are the most harmful tips you can give.

If someone believed our materials and decided to start a new life by following them, we apologize.

Go in for sports, travel and do everything for pleasure!



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