Exercises with dumbbells for triceps - a complex for muscle development

The triceps muscle of the shoulder or extensor of the arm, as has been repeatedly said, forms 2/3 of its volume. But it is important to pump triceps not by itself, but with biceps so that there is no hypertonicity of one of the antagonists. Triceps exercises with dumbbells will help you build powerful arms. They can be completely performed at home.

Bench press

You will need a narrow bench.

You can put 3 stools in a row and put an elastic thin rug on top of them.

This exercise mimics the bench press with a narrow grip, only performed with dumbbells and is suitable for home workouts.

  • Lie on an impromptu bench so that your head and pelvis lie on a support, place your legs apart so that your position is stable.
  • Dumbbells are best taken as follows: when you lift them from the floor, you are still standing. Sit on the bench with your knees apart, and put the dumbbells on your knees.

    Next, take a horizontal position, at the same time throwing dumbbells over your chest and straightening your arms.

  • Expand the dumbbells as if their vultures are one solid line and bring them closer to each other. The outer ends can be slightly raised - it will be more convenient.
  • Now lower the dumbbells on the chest in the region of its bottom on the inhale. And as you exhale, lift the dumbbells up to the starting position.

    We try to bring the elbows to the body, they do not need to be parted to the sides as in the presses on the pectoral muscles.

Perform the exercise 8-10 times in 4 sets. You can replace it with this variation or alternate approaches:

  • Expand the dumbbells so that the palms are oriented towards each other. That is, the vultures are parallel to each other.
  • Press your elbows to the body, lower the dumbbells again to the bottom of the chest as you inhale, and lift it while you exhale.

Exercises with dumbbells for triceps - a complex for muscle development

Note that in this position, the load is better removed from the chest and shoulders, more going to triceps. After you can expand the brush to its original position for a change.

The main thing is not to wring your hand and do not lower the dumbbells below your chest. In the latter case, a substantial part of their weight will go to the front bundles of deltoids.

We work slowly, we do weight lifting on the exhale, and lower the dumbbells back on the inhale.

No throws of weight on the chest, no shocks.

If you are trying to push the weight to a high point or bend, the selected weight is too large for you. Remove excess pancakes from dumbbells

Dumbbell bench press sitting behind your head

Sit on a chair with a rigid vertical back. Rocking chairs will definitely not suit you. Take the dumbbells and put them on your lap - from this position it will be convenient to throw them up.

It is more convenient to do this exercise with one hand, since you can help the second to set the dumbbell to its original position. So you can take more weight on hand than with the synchronous double version. By the way, a single option can help you when one hand is stronger than the other.

Therefore, we consider the option with one dumbbell:

  • Raise your bent arm with the dumbbell up so that the elbow is pointing to the ceiling. With your other hand, grasp the worker comfortably, helping to fix it in a stable position.

    You can take the palm of the top by the elbow - as you feel comfortable.

  • When you bend your arm, the dumbbell will not go back, but to the side of the head.
  • When performing the movement, make sure that your working arm from the elbow to the shoulder does not change its position.
  • Gently lower and raise the weight.

Perform 10-12 repetitions for this exercise in 3-4 sets for each arm.

If you in the last repetitions cannot extend your arm yourself, help with your second hand. But controlled bending under the force of gravity of the dumbbell, the working arm must necessarily withstand itself. This is a negative work.

Exercises with dumbbells for triceps - a complex for muscle development

This is allowed only in the last repetitions. If it starts from the very first repetition, the weight is too large.

It should be reduced, otherwise you risk getting a sprain.

There is a variation of this exercise that affects both hands:

  • In this case, you need to grab the dumbbell with both hands so that it passes between your thumb and forefinger. Straighten your arms with a dumbbell over your head.
  • Slowly lower the weight over the head and return to the starting position. With this option, the dumbbell does not go to the side, but back.

    And you need to try to reduce your elbows to your ears.

It is important to control the elbows so that they are fixed and do not move during the movement. When lying down, this is easier to achieve, so consider the following exercise.

French bench press

A very effective exercise with dumbbells for triceps. It is often recommended for the development of the triceps, but, unfortunately, is not suitable for everyone.

Someone after him begins to hurt his elbows.

If this happened to you - try practicing with bandages, drink chondroprotectors in parallel. Did not help? Pick something else, as your elbows are heavily loaded in this exercise.

In the first exercise, you assembled a bench of three stools - we will need it again.

  • Take the dumbbells, sit down and put them on your knees.

    Next, carefully lie down on our bench, transferring dumbbells to the chest.

  • Now that you are in a stable position, straighten your arms above you and turn your elbows so that they look at your feet. This will be the case with elbows with straightened arms. The shoulders are perpendicular to the floor.
  • When you bend your arms and start the exercise, your shoulders will need to be tilted slightly toward your head, and your elbows will be facing the upper joint between the wall and the ceiling.

    That is, the arms to the elbow are no longer perpendicular to the floor, but have a slight inclination towards the head. This position is necessary for the triceps to work the entire exercise. With a perpendicular arrangement of the shoulders, at the time of complete bending of the arms, the triceps relaxes.But the French bench does not allow this.

  • Gently bend your arms and extend your arms.

    Keep your elbows apart. They need to be kept as close to each other as possible.

Use the dumbbell grip as if you were holding a barbell. Then they can be deployed.

That is, you can do 4 approaches, 2 of which can be performed with this grip, and 2 can be done in parallel.

The number of repetitions is 8-10.

Extension of the arm in an inclination

Quite difficult from the technical side, but useful exercise for triceps with dumbbells.

You can do it while standing, or you can lie. The second option is inconvenient in that the back will interfere with unbending arms. Therefore, you have to spread your elbows a little to the sides.

It turns out that in this position the hands will be without support and held at the expense of the back. In addition to triceps, the back will also be loaded along with the rear deltoids. It is better not to allow this, therefore, the exercise is more correctly performed exactly while standing.

  • Lean forward, put the knee of the same name and palm on the bench. Turn the body slightly towards the working hand with a dumbbell.

  • The elbow of the working arm is laid back strictly, the shoulder parallel to the floor. Forearm pointing down. During the exercise, the arm should be fixed from the elbow to the shoulder joint.
  • Extend your arm and return the dumbbell to its original position.

Pay attention to the sensations - if such an exercise causes you discomfort or pain - you are doing something wrong.

Sitting dumbbell bench press

Together with triceps you can swing your shoulders. One of the basic exercises for them is the bench press sitting behind the head. Why not do the same with dumbbells.

  • In order not to burden the shoulders more than necessary, you need to spread your elbows to the sides so that they form a straight line with each other. For this, you need to expand the dumbbells, as if you are holding a barbell in your hands.

  • Straighten your arms and lift the dumbbells, slightly bringing them together (no need to beat against each other).
  • Lower the weight so that the humerus bones form a straight line. Dumbbells will be approximately at the level of your ears. You do not need to lower them below - the trapezius muscles are connected.

Do 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps.

On the one hand, triceps here do not work at full amplitude, as in the bench press, but on the other hand, they are well loaded together with the muscles of the shoulders.

Technique for working with triceps

How to swing triceps:

  1. All movements are performed smoothly and accurately. Faster exhalation, slower as you inhale.
  2. We fix the position of the elbows.
  3. Remember that triceps exercise can also hurt.

    Inaccurate movement, work with weights that you are not ready for can damage the tendon. Therefore, calculate your strength and follow the technique.

  4. Work with gloves - it’s more convenient to hold a dumbbell in your hands.

If you work without gloves, make sure that your hands are not sweaty.In extreme cases, there is talc, chalk, sports magnesia.

Now you know how to pump triceps with dumbbells at home. One day, there will be fewer dumbbells, and your muscles will need a barbell. So you have to go to the gym!



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