Exercises with dumbbells for hands - shake hands correctly

When someone asks how to pump biceps and triceps, the very first thing that comes to mind is exercises for the arms with dumbbells. They are conveniently performed at home in a familiar and comfortable environment for us. In addition, in combination with other factors, this is an effective way to get relief and pumped up muscles of the hands.

Three whales in a set of masses of hands

This headline talks about one thing - to pump up your hands with dumbbells, you will need to observe several conditions.

  1. A stimulator of muscle growth (testosterone) must be present in the body.

  2. Building material (balanced diet) is required for muscle growth.
  3. You must have correctly and individually selected exercises.

Exercises with dumbbells for hands - shake hands correctly

The sum of these three points will lead you to strong embossed hands. Notice, we are not saying how to quickly pump up your hands with dumbbells - nothing is done quickly in bodybuilding. Although the concept of "fast" is very relative.

If for you six months is fast, then you will definitely be satisfied.

Testosterone is produced during heavy physical exercises (when you make a base on the whole body). If we are talking about natural sports without basic exercises, it is impossible to get a decent increase in strength and muscle mass of the hands.

Your genetic potential for testosterone production also plays a role. It happens that its level goes off scale for natural reasons.

And someone is on the verge of normal. Both cases are the norm on an individual basis, but muscle growth will be completely different. Therefore, someone boasts that everything is growing normally for him, and someone plows for years, through cubic meters of sweat, achieving a slight increase in muscle mass.

When you have enough hormones, but not enough building materials in the body (for example, protein), no exercise will help you pump up your hands with dumbbells at home. This is the second whale and it is called food.

Provide yourself with proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the right amount. Sports nutrition is a convenient solution, because it is sometimes difficult to eat enough protein with ordinary food.

And here he is the third whale - exercises for the muscles of the hands. We will consider training exercises with dumbbells for men.

Each organism individually responds to physical activity.

But in one thing, we are all the same - if you load the muscles to the limit, they will grow. Well, with careless handling, injuries too. After all, even the simplest hand exercise with dumbbells, if you do it wrong or take too much weight, can carry the risk of traumatic injuries.

Therefore, to do dumbbells at home, you need to carefully study the technique or under the supervision of a more experienced athlete who has already managed to achieve something. Even a one-year experience in the gym may be enough to understand the essence of the exercise.

A person will already be able to detect the wrong technique and point out obvious errors.


On the hands there are flexor and extensor muscles, as well as muscles responsible for rotational movement.

From the point of view of bodybuilding, pumping, for example, only biceps is inharmonious. Therefore, you need to swing your hands in a complex, while not forgetting about the shoulders and other muscles of the body.

Exercises for triceps and biceps can be performed on the same day.

Study the following exercises with hand dumbbells and choose 3 for each muscle group, you will perform them in one workout.

So, how to pump up your hands at home with dumbbells.


Here are a few exercises on the biceps of the shoulder.

Bending the arms with dumbbells

Stand upright, press your back and buttocks against the wall. Turn the dumbbells so that your palms are facing forward.

Option 1 : simultaneously bend both hands, being careful not to bend the brush on yourself. Bring the dumbbells to your shoulders. Then, slowly lower them to almost the starting position. But do not straighten your arms completely!

Option 2 : bend one arm, as stated in the previous version. The second hand is in the starting position.

Straighten the first hand by analogy with "option 1", when it stops, start to raise the second hand. That is, do the bending of the hands in turn.

For each hand, 6-10 repetitions are done. This is the first exercise with hand dumbbells in your workout, so your biceps need to be hard to get your arms up. Focus on working weights here.


The essence of the exercise is that you simulate hammering nails on a horizontal surface without throwing your hand back.

You hold the dumbbell in the same way as the handle of a hammer. The starting position is this: you are standing, posture is straight and straight, it is advisable to press your back to something so that your body does not walk back and forth.

Like the previous exercise, the hammer is performed in two versions - simultaneous and separate for each hand. The hand rises slightly above the parallel to the floor, lingers in this position and slowly lowers back.

This exercise is already done with less weight and 8-12 times. Lighter weight does not mean that you take a light dumbbell and will work in a relaxed mode. This means that here the emphasis is on endurance and quality of exercise, rather than on the magnitude of the working weight.

The nuance of both exercises - you can perform them in a slope. If you have an inclined bench, you can lie down on it at an angle of 45 degrees, creating additional stretching and stress on the biceps.

But due to the fact that the elbows do not have emphasis, you will not achieve the effect of Scott's bench.

Arm curls on Scott's bench at home

Imitation of Scott's bench - go back to the sofa (you need a good back with a slight angle to the floor), ask someone -never (if any) put something elastic under your elbows so that your hands do not fall into the back. If the sofa is hard - that's great.

Place your hands with dumbbells with your elbows on the back of the sofa so that when you extend your arms fall almost completely on the back, but do not touch it. Only elbows are fixed.

You can sit on a stool or other item suitable for height yourself.

This type of exercise with dumbbells for men and women allows you to stretch your biceps more than in the above options - and this is good for muscle growth.

Perform 10-12 repetitions.

Concentrated biceps lift

Sit on a chair, spread your knees wide and place your elbow on your knee (press it on your knee). Try to straighten your arm - it should freely fall almost to the floor, leaning slightly on your knee.

Take a dumbbell in your hand (exercise is done for each hand separately), lower the weight. It should not touch the floor. It is recommended that you do not fully extend your arm at the elbow joint to maintain biceps tension.

Lift the weight by bending your arm as much as possible. This exercise helps make your biceps more round and shaped.

It is done 10-12 times for each hand.

Arnie's biceps up

Lean forward, lean on one sofa or chair with one hand. The working arm should hang down freely.

From this position, do bending the arm with a dumbbell. Make sure that the elbow does not deviate anywhere during bending, but is fixed.

In this position, the biceps work in isolation. This is the beauty of exercise.

You can additionally rotate the hand with dumbbells during all exercises except the hammer. But, beginners should not practice this.


How to pump up arms with dumbbells? Be sure to work on triceps, this is the largest muscle of the shoulder.

Bench press

For this exercise you will need a bench. It can be composed of lined up stools. Lie on your back with your back and imagine that you have in your hands not two separate dumbbells, but one barbell. And you hold it with a narrow grip (that is, we hold dumbbells close to each other).

Lower the weight to the lower chest, trying to press your hands to your body.

Do not lower your elbows too low, as this will create a harmful load on the shoulders. Parallels with the floor are enough.

The weights here should be quite heavy, the exercise is usually performed in 6-8 repetitions. But, since dumbbells are still not a barbell, 10 repetitions can be done.

Then, turn your hands so that the palms are facing each other.

Do a dumbbell bench press for triceps from this position. It is necessary to lower the weight at the level of the bottom of the chest.

French bench press

This exercise can be performed both sitting and lying down. You can even standing, but not very comfortable.

Option sitting : sit upright, lift the dumbbells up, bend your arms at the elbows.

Elbows look strictly up, shoulders are perpendicular to the floor. Straighten your arms and bend them, dumbbells when bending go to your head.

Exercises with dumbbells for hands - shake hands correctly

This movement is repeated 10 times.

You can do this extension for each arm separately. Then hold the elbow of the working hand with your free hand so that it does not bend anywhere.

The dumbbell in this case does not go back, but a little to the side behind the head.

Lying option : take dumbbells, lie on a bench and take the weight off your head, bending your elbows (and again they look at the ceiling).

First, turn your arms as if you are holding a barbell. Make sure that the position of the elbows is fixed, and the shoulders are slightly inclined towards the head relative to the vertical.

Exercises with dumbbells for hands - shake hands correctly

Next, you can vary the position of the hands and use the different sides of the triceps.

Exercise for 10 repetitions.

Extending your arms in an incline

To complete this exercise, you can stand up and lean forward, rest your elbow on your knee. And you can lie chest down on an inclined bench, if it is available at home.

In the first case, take the arm with the dumbbell back, bend it and unbend, keeping the elbow in a stable position. Exercise works out well the lateral part of the triceps, if you lean slightly to the side.

On the bench, slightly extend your elbows so that your back muscles do not interfere with your work. Make the same movement, only with both hands at the same time.

Another option is to stand slightly bent legs and tilt the body forward with a straight back. We hold dumbbells in both hands. Pull your elbows back so that your shoulders are in line with the body.

Lock yourself. From this position, extend your arms with dumbbells.

And finally: it is important to understand how to shake hands. Listen to the reaction of your body to the load, try to feel the work of each muscle. Indeed, purely mechanical thoughtless movements with dumbbells for men will not be enough - you must understand what you are doing and why.



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