Exercises with a roller for the press - muscle work and technique

Roller for the press - a sports simulator designed to work out the abdominal muscles. The main advantages of this projectile are low cost, compactness, ease of use. There are practically no downsides to the video. The only thing that can be noted is increased injury risk if the rental equipment is not followed. We propose to consider together the most effective exercises with the gymnastic wheel.

Exercises with a roller for the press - muscle work and technique

The benefits of training with the wheel

When using the roller, not only does the load press. Also strengthened: chest, back, shoulders, arms. Consider other benefits of rolling:

  • Posture correction. Exercises with a roller work out the muscles responsible for the straight position of the back, which helps to cope with stoop and forms a beautiful, even gait.
  • Getting rid of back pain.

    Pain caused by physical muscle strain is easily removed with several approaches on the wheel.

  • Increased Stamina. The constant static tension of large muscle groups, when performing rolling, has a positive effect on increasing overall endurance.
  • Help in losing weight. When performing exercises with a roller, several muscle groups are included in the work at the same time, which helps to speed up metabolism and burn excess calories.

Also note that the press wheel helps to improve results in other exercises. For example, by strengthening the back muscles, an athlete can increase working weights in a squat or deadlift.

Direct rolling technique

The main function of the abdominal muscles is to bend the body forward. Therefore, all movements aimed at reducing the distance between the solar plexus and the lower abdomen will effectively train the press. It is such movements that allows us to perform direct rolling on a roller.

Let's analyze the correct technique:

  1. We kneel down, but we don’t press our buttocks to our ankles.
  2. We bend the knee joints to the width of the pelvis.
  3. We take the roller, straighten our hands and press it to the floor in front of us.
  4. We raise the feet from the floor, transferring the weight of the body to the knees and the wheel.
  5. Keep your hands straight, inhale and gently roll forward.

    When the body takes a horizontal position - we stop, and then, exhaling slowly, we tighten the abs muscles and return to the starting position.

While lifting, slightly round the back and pull the lumbar up. Keep your abdominal muscles alert.

A set of exercises with a gymnastic roller

As a rule, the press is worked out at the end of the main training. But, if you work on the abdominal muscles on a separate day, be sure to doubt.

Use cardiovascular equipment or jump rope for 5 minutes to warm up. After that, knead the joints of the hands well.

Sitting rental

This is performed as a warm-up exercise. We sit on our knees and press our buttocks to our lower legs. We straighten our hands and put the wheel on the floor.

We inhale deeply and roll the projectile forward until the chest is pressed to the knees. We make a 2-second pause, and then gradually rise as we exhale. Repeat 10 times.

Direct rental

The technique is described above. Exercise strengthens the abs, chest, triceps, back muscles.

Perform 12 repetitions.

Rolling from a prone position

The upper part of the rectus abdominis muscle (“upper press”) is accentuated. We lay down on the floor. We bring the hips together, socks rest on the floor. We take the roller and stretch our hands forward.

As you exhale, raise your upper body. At the same time, we roll the roller to ourselves and try to bend the spine back.

In the upper phase, we linger for 2-3 seconds, and then with a breath, slowly lower and roll the wheel. In the lower phase, do not put the chest on the floor, so as not to remove the load from the muscles of the press. Perform 15 repetitions.

Tucks from an emphasis lying

Exercise strengthens the lower part of a rectus abdominis muscle ("lower press") and hips. We will need a gymnastic roller with leg mounts. We catch the feet for fastening and accept the classic emphasis lying. Exhale, reduce the pressure as much as possible and strain your hips. Gently pull your knees towards you and freeze for 2-3 seconds.

On inspiration, we slowly move our legs to their original position. Repeat 15 times.

Rolling to the sides

The load is obtained by the oblique muscles of the press. We kneel down. Lean slightly and place the wheel strictly under the shoulders.

Inhale and slowly roll to the right. On exhalation, we return and repeat the rental in the other direction.

When retracting the wheel we lower as low as possible, but do not touch the chest of the floor. Otherwise, the load from the press will drop.

Beginners are advised to perform incomplete rentals so that the muscles become accustomed.

Repeat 10 leads in each direction.

Tackle to the "bridge"

This version of the exercise strengthens the hips and buttocks. We lie down on our back and fix the feet on the wheel. We extend our legs, we press our hands with our palms to the floor. We exhale, strain the gluteal muscles and hips and, bending the knees, roll the roller under ourselves.

At the same time, we raise the pelvis up. We are delayed for a couple of seconds, then on inspiration we smoothly move our legs to the starting position. Perform 15 times.

Push-ups from the roller

The exercise is aimed at working out the chest, arms, shoulders, as well as small stabilizer muscles. We pick up the roller and lower it in front of us.

We take our legs back, taking a push-up stand with the hands resting on the wheel. We fix this position. We maintain balance and smoothly push out from the wheel. Repeat 12 times.

Rest between exercises - no more than 2 minutes.

Beginners should start with one circle. More experienced athletes can complete 2 or more laps per workout. A pause between circles is 4-5 minutes. The complex is suitable for both men and women.


Comparison of roller rentals with other exercises

We will analyze the popular exercises for the abdominal muscles and rolling on the wheel:

  • Leg raises.

    Western experts conducted a number of studies and found that rolling on a roller is 15% more effective than lifting the legs from an inclined bench and from the position of the hang on the horizontal bar.

  • Twisting. In biomechanics, the exercises are similar - in these elements there is a reduction in the distance between the solar plexus and the lower abdomen. Therefore, both are equally effective for the development of the press. The only advantage of the roller over twisting is the strengthening of small stabilizer muscles.

  • Plank. Holding the body in the bar is accompanied by static tension of the abdominal muscles. When rolling, peak contractions are added to hold the abdominal muscles in tension, which is much more effective than simple “statics”.

In any case, the muscles sooner or later adapt to the same loads. Therefore, a variable training scheme is considered the most productive.

That is, every 1.5-2 months it is necessary to change the training plan.

Exercise with the video for 2 months, then proceed to training the press on the basis of twisting. After another 2 months, combine both types of activities. Thus, changing and combining loads, you will avoid "stagnation" and will constantly progress.

How to choose a gymnastic roller

If you decide to purchase a wheel, pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • Choose models with rubber handles. It is more convenient to hold them in your hands.
  • If possible, purchase casters with optional foot mounts. So you expand the range of useful exercises.
  • For home training, choose a wheel with a rubber work surface.

    There is less noise from such a projectile.

  • If you have never been involved in sports, we recommend models with a return mechanism. Such videos will "help" in the execution.
  • Pay attention to build quality. Under load, no play should appear between the parts.

    Otherwise, the risk of breakdown of the projectile under the weight of the athlete increases, which can lead to injury.

  • Beginners and girls are advised to purchase rollers with a wide surface or with a double wheel. Such models are more stable.
  • Do not pursue cheapness. Good models start at a price of 600 rubles.

    Such rollers are equipped with ergonomic handles and a rubberized wheel made of high-quality plastic. Models from the price range of 200-300 rubles instead of a rubber rim of the wheel often offer low-quality thermopolyethylene.

  • Some low-priced models have athlete weight restrictions. Therefore, in the store before buying, be sure to consult the seller about such characteristics.

No matter how you swing the muscles of the press, without reducing the fat layer, you cannot achieve the desired relief.

Therefore, we recommend that in addition to exercises on the wheel carry out intense cardio workouts and adhere to the principles of proper nutrition.



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