Exercises Tabata Weight Loss - Interval Training

In 1996, the world learned something new about interval training. Japanese Izumi Tabata came up with a special way to quickly lose excess fat, as well as strengthen the whole body. The method was named in its part - "Tabat protocol". And the exercises that are performed according to his method are tabata exercises.

A bit about interval training

Interval training - alternating periods of intense activity with rest.

Thanks to this periodization, physical exercises accelerate a person’s metabolism to the desired level, at which subcutaneous fat is intensively burned.

This metabolism persists after some time after training. This is the beauty of interval training. Tabata exercises for weight loss is also interval training.

The essence of the training from Izumi Tabata

The author of the methodology came to the conclusion that it takes 4 minutes to train in intensive mode.

During this time, you need to alternate 20 seconds of a powerful load and 10 seconds of a break. Thus, in these 4 minutes you can manage to complete the exercise 8 times. It turns out 8 approaches for “how much time” repetitions.

Exercises Tabata Weight Loss - Interval Training

There is no need to manage to do many repetitions. It is important that the exercise fits the Tabat criteria.

Requirements for the choice of exercise

Not every exercise may enter the Tabata protocol. There are certain requirements for them:

  1. The base load of the body. This means that the exercise should not only load the arms or legs separately, but as many muscle groups as possible. The best exercises are those that involve the whole body. We will talk about them further.

  2. The physical severity of the exercise. Definitely Tabata denies exercises that are easily performed with a frequency of more than 15 times in 20 seconds. Exercise should be moderately heavy. For example, one squat or exercise for abdominal muscles will not be enough. Something more is needed.

  3. Technical ease. It is important that the training takes place at a pace, but the technique of exercise is not much distorted. If the exercise is technically difficult, it is unlikely that at high speeds it will turn out to be correctly performed. Improper execution can lead to serious deterioration of results, pain and fatigue.

What exercises are best used in training tabata

Squats with jumping

Squats can be included in the tabata protocol.

But not simple, but with jumping out. They are done like this:

  1. Take a pose while squatting, put your hands on the floor in front of you. This is the starting position.
  2. We do a powerful kick with the expectation that you need to jump high. In the last 20-30 degrees of straightening the legs, add an "explosive" force so that the legs straighten like springs.

    At the top point, you are off the floor and bounce up.

  3. During the straightening of the legs, the arms go up, while jumping, they are also up.
  4. When you land, you don’t need to quench your inertia, fly down to squat. Hands at this time are stretched out in front of you.
  5. Spring at the bottom, straighten up and jump up again.

Such jumps in 20 seconds can be done 10-15. It will be hard for the muscles and the heart. You can repeat with a bag of sand behind - it will be even more fun.

Burpee (or burpee)

Burpee - an exercise that combines squats, jumping and push-ups. Instead of push-ups, you can just keep the emphasis lying.

By the way, it loads very well the muscles of the lower back and abdomen. The exercise is done as follows:

  1. Starting position - squatting, the body is tilted forward, and his hands are in front of the body as an emphasis.
  2. The start is designated as throwing the legs back with the adoption of the emphasis lying.
  3. Then you either do 1 push-up, touching the chest of the floor, or just stand up as if you were doing squats and jumping up, as described in the previous exercise.

Tabata protocol is not one exercise, so move on!


If you can pull up 20 or more times in pure technique at a time, protocol can include pull-ups with raised legs.

Moreover, as a rule, it is recommended to pull up jerkily, using inertia. These are the so-called kicking pull-ups. This technique allows you to perform a large number of repetitions per unit of time. But from the point of view of the load on the joints, it is not the safest. Therefore, use this exercise should only be experienced athletes.


Training of the chest, arms, press - the so-called explosive push-ups. It’s not enough just to push the speed, it’s too easy. It is important to jump on your hands, clap your hands and repeat the push-up.

"Wipers of BelAZ-a"

This is a rather difficult exercise, which is as follows:

    1. Hang on the horizontal bar.
    2. Lift your straight legs 90 degrees.

      Imagine that these are wipers, and they need to clean the glass of the car.

    3. Describe with straight legs a semicircle in both directions. Feet hold together. Do it at speed, your task is to do the maximum in 20 seconds.

You can not include this exercise in the complex, alternating push-ups, burp or jumping.

Own exercises

The protocol includes not only single-component exercises, but also consisting of several elements. Why not use this principle and come up with an individual exercise for yourself? Combine several elements that are convenient to perform one after another in a bunch. To increase the load, you can use dumbbells or other improvised equipment.

Custom training is very useful when a competent approach is used to create it.

Raising legs and arms with hands through the sides

For this exercise you will need 2-3 kg weight weights and dumbbells each.

Weights are mounted on legs, dumbbells should be picked up:

  1. We take steps in place with a high knee lift (the weight is placed on the lower leg).
  2. At the same time, we wave our hands with dumbbells, like wings.

In 20 seconds of such work, you will get quite tired.

Workout with a heavy ball

In this exercise you will need a partner and an inclined bench for the abs.

Take the starting position to raise the body in an inclined position.

Give your partner a heavy ball. The partner’s task is to throw the ball at you when you lean back. And your task is to catch it and throw it back when you lift the case.

You need to perform at a pace for 20 seconds. Then rest for 10 seconds and again 20 seconds of throwing the ball.

This method will significantly increase the endurance of your press, body, arms, help reduce fatty areas in problem areas, but it is not recommended for beginners.

Building a workout

Tabata protocol does not necessarily imply that you are doing the same exercise for 4 minutes in 8 sets. You can experiment by performing, for example, 2 exercises.

Exercises Tabata Weight Loss - Interval Training

You need a good tuned timer that will indicate a 20-second operation and a 10-second break.

You need to train 3-4 times a week.

One training session - 4-5 cycles of Tabata for 4 minutes. You can do a new exercise in each cycle.

Recommendations and contraindications

Who should not practice the Tabata protocol

Tabata invented his own complex for healthy, physically prepared people. For those who have health problems or zero level of training, this program is not suitable.

First of all, you can not deal with this method for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases: rhythm disturbance, high and low blood pressure.

The risk group includes people of the elderly age group, who are already over 50 years old.

It is also dangerous to engage in the owners of hernias and protrusions, in such cases you need to carefully select the load, because not every element of tabata will be useful to them.

Useful tips

Frequency of training

As we already noted, you can practice 3-4 times a week. Training your body more often makes no sense, as you enter a state of chronic fatigue. There will be little strength, stamina, too, and the heartbeat may become rapid.

To train 1 time per week also does not make sense - the body will have time to break the load for such a long period.


Before training, 2 hours are better not to eat. Classes are quick and intense, so the food in the stomach will be completely inappropriate.

Exercises Tabata Weight Loss - Interval Training

Pay attention to your diet. If you are going to change your figure, you should count calories and strive for 4-5 meals a day, and it is better not to consume carbohydrates in the afternoon.

The last meal no later than 2 hours before bedtime.

Exercises serve as an auxiliary tool to achieve a good figure, but they work in a mandatory symbiosis with proper nutrition.


Do not forget to warm up thoroughly before interval training. First, slightly increase the pulse by making cardio, and then stretch all the joints so that the training is effective and without injuries.



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