Exercises for the lower back - how to strengthen the lower back

Pain in the lower back at least once in a lifetime was experienced by every adult. Let's look at the cause of the pain, what exercises for the lower back should be done to make it healthy and strong, how to pump up the lower back.

About strengthening the lumbar muscles

In this article I will move away from my usual style and write everything in the first person. I had a problem, one day I got osteochondrosis of the lower back while skiing. It hurt hellishly, pinched nerves.

11 years have passed since then, today my working weight in deadlift is 140 kg. Without any pharmacology, exceptionally natural. And the back does not hurt. I will tell you how to strengthen the muscles of the lower back so that you never have problems with it. Even if you already have problems, I will help you stop their progress and relieve pain.

So, let's begin.

A person, unlike animals, experiences a large number of spinal problems. This is due to our upright posture and, accordingly, increased load on the spinal column. The loin suffers for the same reason. The situation is aggravated by a sedentary lifestyle, weak muscles and the practice of lifting weights from the floor, when a person does this with a round back, bending the letter "G".

The lumbar muscles provide softening or cushioning the compression load on the spinal column. It is logical that strengthening the muscles of the lower back will allow them to better perform their function. The roots of the spinal cord, leaving the spine, will not be infringed (that is, there will be no backache and pain during bending, walking).

And we will not only swing the visible muscles that can be felt. There is also a lumbar muscle that is not visible.

The lumbar muscle is considered the muscle of the cortex and flexes the thigh or lumbar spine if the leg is fixed. When you bend the lower back - she will certainly participate in this. Weak lumbar muscle can cause lower back pain.

We begin with exercises for people who already have problems. Then consider the exercises that can be performed after the initial strengthening of the back.

Entry-level exercises

Next, we will talk about exercises for the lower back and how to pump up the muscles of the lower back. In addition, we will talk about the press and its role in eliminating back pain.

When your lower back hurts, you need special training. And you don’t need a gym now.

Exercises for the lower back - how to strengthen the lower back

Press, oddly enough

You say - what does the press have, if your back hurts? We recall the topic of muscle antagonists.

If you swing only the back, your lower back will be bent backward. And so - there will be uniform support from all sides. That is, in order for the support of the spine to be optimal, the muscles must be strengthened on all sides of the body.

Before starting classes, inflammation should be removed. While you feel sharp pain, you can’t do it.

When the pain has become dull, aching, less noticeable (inflammation removed), start doing exercises.

Exercise No. 1:

  1. Lie on a polymer mat, put your hands on your chest, bend your legs at the knees.
  2. Raise your head and upper chest, trying to bend as much as possible in the chest. Do not tear your lower back.

  3. Make 10 such movements. Put your hands behind your head, repeat the same thing 10 times. Watch your sensations so that there is no pain.

Exercises for the lower back - how to strengthen the lower back

Exercise # 2:

  1. Now extend your arms along your torso and keep them a few inches from the floor. With your right hand, stretch to the right heel by bending the lower back to the side.

    Then repeat the movement for the left side.

  2. Do 10 times on each side.

Exercises for the lower back - how to strengthen the lower back

Over time, you will be able to raise the body more with respect to the floor. Now we have pumped the front of the abdomen and sides.

And now the back is

Now let's take care of the back.

Ideally, do hyperextension in the simulator. But if this is not possible, we will proceed from what we have. And we have a rug, right?

Exercise # 1:

  1. Lie on your rug with your stomach down. Stretch your arms forward, clutch their palm to palm, as if about to dive.
  2. Slightly bend up so that your body lifts slightly above the rug.

    Keep tension, then lower back. Do it 10 times.

Exercises for the lower back - how to strengthen the lower back

Exercise # 2:

  1. Get on all fours - resting on your knees and palms. Bend your lower back as much as possible, raising your head. Now, on the contrary, round your back up and lower your head.

  2. This movement is called "Exercise Cat". Do it 10 times.

Exercises for the lower back - how to strengthen the lower back

Exercise # 3:

  1. Stand up. Move the pelvis back, bending in the lumbar region. Lean forward as far as your lower back allows.

    It should not be rounded. The number one task is to maintain the deflection. Hold at the end point for a second and straighten up. Repeat 10 times.

  2. If your lower back is rounded back during tilting, straighten up and start again.

    Because of this roundness, most problems arise.

Exercises for the lower back - how to strengthen the lower back

These exercises are aimed at strengthening the lower back and lumbar muscle.

Start with 10 times, gradually increase to 30. Do this every day in the morning.

Next, the squats:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

    Take your buttocks as far back as possible (this way you will create a deflection in the lower back). If at the same time you experience pain in the coccyx and a little higher - it’s too early for you to squat, train according to the previous schemes.

  2. Stretch your arms in front of you, look at your fingertips. Squat just below the parallel to the floor without rounding your back. Hold down for 1 second and get up.

    Please note that during the squat your body does not fall forward. If this happens, spread your legs wider just enough so that you do not lean more than 20-30 degrees forward.

  3. A bend in the lower back should compensate for this tilt. As a result, your body is almost perpendicular to the floor.

So, you have been doing these exercises for a month.

Exercises more complicated

Further, you can already think about how to work out the lower back with more serious workouts.

Let's go - hyperextension in the gym!

Hyperextension in the simulator

If you are interested in how to pump your lower back at home, you can arrange a place for hyperextension on the couch and ask help the second person. If this is not possible - go to the gym or follow the exercises from the previous section.

So, how to pump up the lower body using hyperextension, working on the simulator.

  1. Adjust the height of the simulator so that your pelvis lies half on the support.

  2. Place your hands on your chest or behind your head. Keep your back so that there is a natural deflection in the lower back. Flatten the blades. Keep your head slightly up.
  3. Lower your torso down to the level until your stretch allows you to maintain the correct deflection in the lower back.

    Climb to a straight line with your feet.

  4. Keep your back straight all the time!

Take the first time 1 set in 15 repetitions. Then you can add up to 3 approaches.

For the press, once a week practice the Roman chair and raise your legs on the bench, but without a vertical lift to the ceiling.


Exercises for the lower back need not be dynamic.

Here, for example, is the bar. You stand 60-120 seconds on your elbows and toes, keep your body straight. The same lumbar muscle in tension, the cortex muscles in tension, all the lumbar muscles are involved so that the pelvis does not fall inside. And press as an antagonist. Sometimes muscle needs such a load.

Lateral dynamic bar

And one more exercise which is better for doing to physically advanced people. Both the lumbar muscle and the lateral part of the press work in it. This exercise is like a bar, but it is dynamic.

  1. Stand on your elbow sideways to the floor. The humerus is perpendicular to the floor.

    Put your foot on your foot. The initial reference points for your body are the elbow and lateral surface of the leg from heel to hip.

  2. Lift the pelvis up just above a straight line with the body, lower it back. Start with 10 reps.
  3. Gradually reach 30.

    This is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

These exercises can be done three times a week. They will help you build a strong lower back, and pain, if it bothers you, is very, very rare.

I recommend a deadlift only after 3-4 months of strengthening the lower back with such exercises on all sides.



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