Exercise for biceps in the gym - how to build arms

To rock a strong and beautiful biceps, you need to work hard on it. The most effective option is to do biceps exercises in the gym.

How to train the biceps

Biceps are synergists of the back muscles. In many exercises on the back, they are included in the work. This, of course, tires the muscle and leaves an imprint on your performance in subsequent exercises on the hands.

Exercise for biceps in the gym - how to build arms

Therefore, the best option for bicep growth is to train it twice a week: once with back and once with triceps or chest.

On the day of the back, biceps should not be loaded too much, since you will not have enough energy to work it out effectively. Therefore, simply accelerate the blood through the muscles.

But on the day when you don’t have any back exercises in the program, download the biceps in full. You can alternate biceps and triceps muscle exercises, combine his training with shoulders or legs, do biceps triceps, double sets and other combinations.

In order to make it more convenient, here is a list of effective exercises for biceps in the fitness room.

Carefully read the technique of their implementation. If possible, do a few repetitions in front of the mirror. Evaluate how well you feel the muscles work and how accurately you perform the movement. You can ask a friend to watch you, or rather a coach.

After all, it’s always more visible from the outside. You can’t see a lot with your own eyes. Sometimes it is difficult to fully feel the work of the muscles, as there is not enough experience.

And remember that the targeted pumping of exclusively biceps will only lead to a slight increase in the volume of the arms and strangely bent elbows. After all, undeveloped triceps will not be able to constantly restrain the trained biceps.

The position of your arm in a relaxed state is the balance of the work of antagonist muscles. So, in order to maintain this balance, do exercises for biceps and triceps.

In addition, triceps make up two-thirds of the volume of your hands, so for the harmonious development and effective growth of the mass, they should also pay attention.

Bending the arms with a barbell

A classic exercise that can even be called the base for the biceps, although in fact it is insulating. Without it, pumping bulk muscles will be quite difficult.

In other words, this is a basic exercise, in the sense that it is basic.

The exercise is simple in appearance, but difficult to perform.

Your task is to take the bar with a grip from below, placing the brushes on a width that is comfortable for movement. It is convenient to do this exercise with a barbell with a curved bar. This allows you to arrange the brushes in a more natural way.

Keep the body straight, the shoulder blades are pressed to the back, do not unbend your elbows at the lower point to the end. Perform projectile lifts in 3-4 sets of 8-10 times.

Here are the main technical nuances that must be observed:

    1. Try to press your elbows to the body.If they are not fixed, you will not be able to correctly distribute the load during the exercise (for beginners, the elbows often go back under the weight of the bar).
    2. Try to press your back against the support.

      The best option is a wall. Even better is the power frame. Athletes with experience do this exercise without any support. Sometimes they read and toss up weight on the latest approaches. You don’t have to do that.

    3. Try to lower the shell twice as slowly as you lift it. Movement up - on the exhale, and down - on the inhale.
    4. You do not need to straighten your arms at the lower point, leave an obtuse angle at the elbow. This is necessary, firstly, so that the biceps are constantly under load, and secondly, so as not to injure the joints. Never relax the flexors in the lower phase - the muscle works throughout the exercise.

Biceps Pullups

Biceps exercises are not necessarily done with the barbell. For example, you can pull yourself with a narrow back grip on the horizontal bar, shifting the emphasis to the biceps from the back muscles.

This exercise works out the biceps well, but for beginners it is difficult to perform it. The main problem is to raise your own weight. You can’t make it smaller without special devices.

On the street you will work with a minimum of body weight. But a good gym makes it possible to engage in a simulator for pull-ups with a counterweight (pull-ups in a gravitron).

Those who can never pull themselves up on the crossbar can exercise their biceps and partially back in such a simulator. Here is a quick guide:

  1. Set the weight. Remember how much you put on the counterweight, so many kg must be taken away from the weight of your body.

  2. Grasp the bar with a narrow back grip. Put the brushes at a distance of about 20 cm from each other. Pull yourself up.
  3. It is necessary to stretch not due to the muscles of the back, but by the strength of the biceps. Bend your arms 90-100 degrees and unbend them.

    Bending your arms harder does not make sense, since the back is actively involved in the work. Although it works in the early stages, it is the flexors of the hands that make the predominant effort.

  4. As you inhale, lower yourself, while exhaling, rise.

Performing 10-15 times in 3 approaches for the first month is enough. And do not rush to increase the load until all 15 repetitions are easily given to you.

If there is no such simulator in your “rocking chair”, the pull of the upper block to the chest with a narrow grip will do. Set the leg lock in a comfortable position - your legs should fit tightly between him and the seat. Do not allow your legs to be freely located between them - with a lot of weight on the descent, you can lift, and this is wrong. Pull the body and head back a little while moving.

Exercise for biceps in the gym - how to build arms

All basic exercises on the arms, except for the target muscles, also involve additional ones.

In this example, in addition to the biceps, the back works.Keep this in mind when you plan your training program. In general, a term such as basic biceps exercises is usually used to mean "core exercises" or "most popular."

Also remember that there are three truly basic exercises, not without reason they are included in the powerlifting eventing. This bench press, squat and deadlift.

But in a broad sense, basic exercises are any movements that involve several muscle groups and joints. So, the basic exercises for biceps imply the work of the biceps muscles to the greatest extent, but other muscles are additionally involved.

Without truly basic exercises, it’s difficult to build up in principle, and without target basic exercises, you can build up a separate muscle group. Here is such an interesting pattern.

Scott's Bench Bends

Scott's Bench is a great simulator that allows you to simultaneously not only swing, but also stretch your biceps.

However, if you have this muscle injured, it is better to hold back with flexions on the bench.

You need to perform bending of arms on Scott's bench in full amplitude, unbending your arms almost to a straight state (a small angle at the elbow always remains). This treadmill often uses a comfortable curved fingerboard.

The beauty of the simulators, and this in particular, is that it is rather difficult to perform the exercise incorrectly on them. It is technically more difficult to work with free weight.

Who has been using the bench for a long time, remembers that at first the weight is easy, but the last 15-20 degrees are much heavier. Therefore, when choosing the working weight, focus on the last upper phase of the exercise. Otherwise, if you choose the weight according to the initial bending of the arm, you will not be able to complete the required number of bends.

Some athletes tilt their heads and, with an even greater amplitude, lead their hands with the neck for their nape. Beginners should not try such a movement.

Listen to the following remarks:

  1. Do not lift your elbows, do not tear them away from the roller.
  2. Adjust the height of the cushion so that your back is straight and not bent at the lower back or chest.
  3. Do not rush while doing the exercise and all the more sharply lower the weight down.

If you plan to work out with a lot of weight, first sit on the simulator, and then ask your partner to give you a shell.

Speaking about how to pump up the biceps in the fitness room, it is worth giving an example of how to combine these exercises with triceps training.

Biceps and triceps exercises can be done one after another. For example, you did a bend of the arms with a barbell and immediately went for an extension of the arms on the block. During one exercise, some muscles work, while others almost rest. Why almost? Because they are antagonists. And they need to be a little energized to hold bones while straining other muscles.

Then you again perform one approach on the flexors and one on the extensors of the hands.

There is everything for working out the biceps in the gym, but what do those who do at home do?

Exercises with dumbbells

Exercises for biceps are also performed with dumbbells. This is a home option as well, since the bars of the house take up too much space and therefore are rare, but dumbbells often gather dust somewhere in the corner.

Exercise for biceps in the gym - how to build arms

Here are 4 biceps exercises that can be performed with dumbbells:

  • Bending the arms with dumbbells. In this case, you can sit, stand or sit on an inclined bench at an angle of 45 degrees.

  • Hammers - an imitation of the work of a hammer on nails. In this case, you hold dumbbells perpendicular to the floor.
  • A concentrated rise in the biceps is done with each hand separately in a sitting position.

Prevention of injuries

Here are some useful tips to help make your workouts not only effective, but also safe:

  1. You can fall from a pull-up horizontal bar, if you have sweaty palms - wear gloves.
  2. During the pull of the upper block, the cable may break, the fingerboard may slip out of the hands.

    Lean back slightly and lean your head back so that the bar does not hit you. And again - work with gloves if your hands sweat a lot.

  3. Sharp lowering of the weight can lead to stretching of the biceps, and it heals for a very long time. Be careful.
  4. When working for biceps, intermediate weights must be used - otherwise you can be injured.



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