Every third teenager in the UK "ashamed of his body"

According to experts, the results of the survey are alarming, as dissatisfaction with one's own body can lead to self-damaging behavior and suicidal thoughts among adolescents.

The authors of the study talk about the need for more thorough verification of advertisements for weight loss and plastic surgery, and also encourage companies working in social networks to organize their policies in such a way that they do not cultivate among adolescents the idea of ​​a "perfect body."

According to the YouGov survey (1,118 British teenagers took part in it), 31% of participants aged 13-19 were ashamed of their bodies, and 35% of respondents began to limit their appearance due to dissatisfaction eating myself.

Another 35% of respondents worry about their bodies often or every day, 37% feel depressed, and 40% say that their friends made them worry about their appearance.

Studies have shown that people's dissatisfaction with their appearance is often associated with the fact that they compare themselves with others.

And the ideals replicated in the media and social networks only exacerbate the situation.

Over the past decade, the number of adolescents requiring inpatient treatment after attempting suicide has increased dramatically, especially for teenage girls.

The alarming results show what a big role appearance plays in the life of young people. And yes, social networks can have a positive effect on adolescents, but regular viewing of photos with "ideal" figures, obviously, only cultivates the dislike of young people for themselves and their own appearance.



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