“Every day I thought I was going to die.” Emilia Clark said she suffered a stroke after the first season of Game of Thrones

According to Emilia

, this happened in 2011, after the shooting of the first season. Then fame fell on her and a lot of attention - all this is not easy to transfer. The actress went to the gym to relieve stress. At one of the trainings, Emilia felt a sharp headache - she tried not to pay attention to her, but the pain was so strong and sharp that the actress still stopped training and barely got to the locker room. "I tried to get rid of the pain and nausea.

I told myself:" I am not paralyzed. " I moved my fingers and toes to make sure it was true. And then she tried to recall some lines from the scenario of “Game of Thrones" ".

A woman who found herself in the locker room came to the aid of Emilia. She turned her on her side and called an ambulance.

"I remember the sound of a siren, ambulance, I heard voices, someone said that I had a weak pulse. Nobody knew what was wrong with me, doctors and nurses could not give me any medicine to relieve the pain," recalls the actress.

After MRI, Emilia Clark was diagnosed with subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH - a life-threatening type of stroke) and aneurysm. "As I later learned, about a third of patients with SAH die immediately or soon after," says the actress. Doctors suggested brain surgery to avoid a second stroke, and Emilia agreed.

After the operation, the actress was diagnosed with aphasia - speech impairment: "The nurse woke me up and asked my name. My full name is Emilia Isabelle Euphemia Rose Clark. But I couldn’t remember him. I never experienced such fear - there was a feeling of impending death. I saw my life in the future, and it seemed to me that it was not worth living.

I am an actress, I need to learn the roles. And I do not remember my own name. " Fortunately, aphasia went away in a week.

Then the shooting of the second season of Game of Thrones began, and Emilia Clark did not refuse to play it. Although she continued to feel pain, fatigue, weakness and constantly thought that she was about to die.

Morphine helped to continue acting in the series, participate in filming and give interviews - the actress took him to at least slightly reduce the pain.

In 2013, Emilia Clark went for a second brain scan. Doctors discovered a second aneurysm in her brain and suggested another surgery. "When I regained consciousness, I screamed in pain. The operation failed.

I had heavy bleeding, and the doctors made it clear that my chances of survival would be small if they did not have another procedure. This time they needed to access my brain in the old way - through my skull. "

Recovery from surgery was difficult. "The recovery was even more painful than after the first operation. I looked like I had survived a war more terrible than any of those that Daenerys survived.

" Doctors replaced part of the bones of the skull of the actress with titanium plates.

Despite all the trials, Emilia Clarke continued to star in the series and other projects. She was able to recover from the disease and now monitors her health and regularly does MRI. In addition, the actress founded the organization SameYou, which helps people recover from strokes and brain injuries.



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