Emotional overeating: 7 sure ways to reduce your appetite

Frequent overeating in the face of stress is fraught with rapid weight gain. And this is not news. But how to stop "seizing" problems if they do not become smaller? We talked with experts and now we know what helps to hit the brakes, avoiding snacks “on emotions”.

Here are seven tips to help you learn to keep your appetite under control even in the most difficult situations.

Before deciding to eat a large piece of pizza, honestly answer the question: "are you hungry or want to get in trouble?" and evaluate your hunger on a seven-point scale, where the unit is "you are full" and the seven are "ready to swallow anything.

" Don’t forget: sweet foods and fast food are fast carbohydrates that you eat quickly to get hungry again. Eat slow carbohydrates (e.g. buckwheat, brown rice or bulgur) and vegetable or animal proteins if you are really hungry.

Emotional overeating: 7 sure ways to reduce your appetite

Make it a rule to arrange a full meal every three to four hours .

And stock up on fresh vegetables, fruits or kefir with bran in case you feel that you can not do without an additional snack.

So you not only do not choke, but and facilitate the absorption of food. Try to concentrate on the taste of food and refuse what distracts you - move the laptop to the side, hide the mobile, close the book. If you eat a portion, you are not full, do not rush to take the supplement. Wait 10-15 minutes, during which time your brain will probably have time to get a saturation signal.

Emotional overeating: 7 sure ways to reduce your appetite

Audit the shelves of the kitchen cabinet and the refrigerator and say goodbye to high-calorie foods that can be difficult to resist. If you cannot imagine life without chocolate, try to keep it in the freezer so that you have to defrost it before eating - during this time the temptation may disappear. Do not keep in sight fatty, heavy food (cover it with healthy products in the refrigerator) and discard the idea of ​​putting chocolates, cookies and snacks on the desktop. Such tactics will not help you out forever, but will save you from a few spontaneous snacks.

The trick is to abandon high-calorie meals in favor of healthier foods.

For example, instead of a sweet cheesecake, eat a cup of fruit salad. Make sure that the level of nutrients in the body is constantly high enough - regularly include whole grains and nuts in the diet. So you maintain a healthy state and at the same time reduce your appetite.

Emotional overeating: 7 sure ways to reduce your appetite

Are you getting nervous? Go outside or just open the window for a few minutes. A few breaths of fresh air will help calm down a bit.

Add activity is also not out of place: running, wrestling, swimming, yoga, are excellent antidepressants. Scientists from Vanderbilt University (Tennessee, USA) concluded that after ten days of 30-minute cardio at an easy pace, you can get rid of the habit of overeating due to stress. Researchers believe that cardiac loading alters brain reactions so much that it begins to be perceived as a soft drug (what is not a worthy replacement for high-calorie buns and sweet soda?). If you are a creative person, make a choice in favor of courses in sketching, mastering ukulele or a master class in versification, that is, all that will bring real pleasure.


If none of the suggestions helped you advice and you continue to overeat on emotions, get advice from a psychologist.

Probably, in your case the problem lies much deeper, and to solve it will require the help and support of a professional.



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