Emily Ratakovsky: “Go to hell, I feel cool. And I like what I wear and how I look. ”

Despite the frank photographs, controversial roles in films and video clips, the hottest discussions are caused by the fact that Emily Ratakovsky calls himself a feminist. “Many people believe that the very idea that a woman is sexy and ready to be perceived as such is the opposite of feminism. I don’t agree! I think this approach is humiliating, because you tell a woman how to dress and how to behave.

This, in my opinion, is the opposite of feminism

. "

Her views formed under the influence of the third wave of feminism, partly due to her mother, who at 12 years old gave Emily the book Promiscuity by Naomi Wolfe.

In this book, the feminist writer analyzed models of modern teenage sexuality. Ratakovsky believes that she had a rather early “introduction to femininity”, as she grew up and physically developed faster than her peers. Already at age 12, she had a fourth breast size, and she noticed damning looks on herself when she put on tight tops and short skirts. Adults constantly warned her, saying that she dresses too defiantly. She was treated like an adult woman, while she wanted to be left alone and allowed to be an ordinary child.

Emily was helped by Mama, who accepted her as she was, and said that she should not be ashamed of her body and her sexuality.

Emily is the lucky one with good genes and a good metabolism. She does not hide the fact that she eats whatever she wants, practically does not go in for sports, and until recently, she could quite easily go to bed without even washing herself. And for the way she looks, how she dresses and how she is photographed, a flurry of criticism fell upon her more than once. But Emily always has one answer to this - "Go to hell, I feel cool.

And I like what I wear and the way I look." Ratakovsky believes that sexually attractive women are still perceived as if they are looking for attention. She gave interviews more than once, wrote an essay for Lenny's weekly newsletter, created by Lena Dunham, and laid out a selfie with Kim Kardashian with the exact message that neither she nor any other woman should be ashamed of her body and hide it.

Emily’s views have been criticized more than once. So, Larry King asked her if she really supports feminism or just uses it for her personal purposes.

Many activists wrote that with her nude photos she earns herself fame and money and only cultivates gender stereotypes and objectivization of women. Others believe that the example of Ratakowski is inspiring, but cannot be associated with feminism. But Emily does not pay attention to what others are saying, and continues to openly support advocates for equality, participates in charity events and is a representative of Planned Parenthood, an organization that works on reproductive health and education. Planned Parenthood not only educates, but also helps women in distress.



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