Elena Kulik: “A sports body is always feminine”

- I have been involved in sports since childhood and did not leave this hobby in spite of the fact that I received a legal and medical education. In the sports field, I also worked - before CrossFit, I was an instructor in group programs and a personal trainer in the gym, practiced Thai boxing, and skied in the winter. I remember when a crossfit (Elena lives in Omsk. - Approx. Ed.

) only came to our city, I attended several training sessions, and then went to Thailand - to a Thai boxing training camp. In Thailand, a friend invited me to a training camp with Alexei Snurnitsyn (founder of the first CrossFit club CrossFit Berloga in Russia. - approx. Ed. ), which took place near the camp.

After a couple of classes Alexey noticed me and invited me to the team, it was very nice. I quit classes in my camp and devoted the remaining time to crossfit.

I immediately liked that crossfit is a very versatile sport. You need to be able to do everything. No matter how many skills you have, you need to constantly learn.

This is interesting, it involves, this is the main feature and essence of crossfit. Not for nothing that athletes are called the most physically prepared - not only do you need to be able to do everything, but you need to be able to do it at any pulse. This is not in any sport.

Often, when people talk about crossfit - especially when its opponents do it - the argument goes that crossfit is like- it spoils the girls externally, femininity is lost. Strange stereotype.

I believe that a sports body is always feminine. If you train a lot and do not use steroids, the muscles will take on a characteristic shape - in my opinion, it is very beautiful. I like these girls, I like my figure. I am 47 years old, and I believe that at my age it is better to have a body like mine, and not flabby or full.

It seems to me that there are no features of training at my age.

Although one difference is still there. I train more than young people. I don’t have their speed, I’m not learning so fast, so I need to train more, stretch, and meditate.

In my case, crossfit is not only hours of training. It is also travel, dating.

Alexei and I are very lucky, we always meet kind, cheerful, interesting, responsive and cool people of different ages, who we don’t want to part with. Take even CrossFit Games 2018 (held in America in early August, Elena took 11th place there. - Comment ed. ). There were guys from Russia who recently moved to America.

We did not know them before, but they constantly helped us, we became close and now we are in contact. While in America, I constantly received messages from strangers - they wrote that they were rooting for me, were inspired by my example and that now it was a shame not to go to training.

After arriving from the USA, another major start was waiting for me - the Big Cup - 2018. These are large-scale competitions uniting the coolest crossfit athletes of the CIS countries. The importance of the Cup is also in the fact that those who could not enter foreign competitions, for example, athletes of more advanced categories, can speak here.

For them, the opportunity to participate in the Big Cup is a whole year of hard and hard training.

Winning the Big Cup was not easy for me. Before him I rested for only four days - at first it seemed that this was enough, but by the middle of the competition I realized that I had not recovered physically or emotionally. The title, one might say, hung in the balance.

In general, I was lucky.

I train myself, train people - my work brings me pleasure and money. It is a rarity.



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