Electrolux introduced a collection of kitchen appliances Electrolux Intuit

Home appliances Electrolux Intuit is presented together with chef Vladimir Mukhin.

This year, the brand Electrolux marks one hundred years. In honor of the anniversary, the company released a new collection of appliances for home cooking -

Electrolux Intuit

. It includes an oven with steam, a dishwasher - the winner of the iF design contest with smart drying and a series of induction hobs with control accuracy up to one degree, a heat probe, frying sensors and a boiling sensor. Scandinavian design technology combined with high functionality.

According to statistics, every second Michelin-starred restaurant equipped with Electrolux kitchen appliances. The new Electrolux Intuit collection was first appreciated by Vladimir Mukhin, the chef of White Rabbit restaurant (15th place in the list of the best restaurants in the world The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants'18), co-founder of Ikra Festival and ambassador Electrolux .



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