Electrolux and Vladimir Mukhin have a Christmas brunch

The brunch of restaurateur Ilya Tyutenkov was held in a country house in the tradition of Scandinavian Christmas. Using household appliances from the new Electrolux Intuit collection, Vladimir Mukhin prepared eclairs with guinea fowl paste and chocolate, baked potatoes with sea urchins, crab with black lemon and beef rib with soaked lingonberries. For sweet - coniferous ice cream and dessert with augmented reality.

Elena Stolova

Marketing Director of Electrolux

- This year for Electrolux became one of the most significant and outstanding. In 2019, the concern celebrated its anniversary - a centenary.

In honor of this event, a premium collection of Electrolux Intuit home cooking appliances has been released that combines intuitive controls, Scandinavian design and embodies the brand's many years of collaborative experience with leading chefs around the world.

In Russia, the capabilities of technology were tested by chef Vladimir Mukhin, preparing restaurant-level dishes in the home kitchen.

Vladimir Mukhin

Chef, Ambassador Electrolux

- This year, together with Electrolux, we implemented a social project #YaShef! and had a series of dinners. Modern home appliances Electrolux helps to store products and cook them at a high level. The range includes a vacuum packer, a cabinet of shock freezing and high-speed cooling, an oven with steam function and su-view technology.

It is important that Electrolux pays a lot of attention to informed consumption in the field of nutrition.

The brunch was visited by Svetlana Bondarchuk, Boris and Irina Zarkovs, Evelina Khromchenko, Vlad Lisovets, Arkady and Nadezhda Novikovs, Maria Ivakova, Nikita Efremov , Oksana Akinshina, Maria Kravtsova, Anton Krasilnikov, Yan Ge, Karina Oshroeva, Dmitry Loginov and Natalya Belonogova.



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