Elbrus World Race to be held in Elbrus

This year, five distances to choose from within the Elbrus World Race: Elbrus8 - 8 km, Elbrus Trail - 34 km, Elbrus Mountain Marathon - 46 km, Elbrus Mountain Ultra - 59 km, Elbrus Mountain 50M - 77 km.

On the evening of August 3, Elbrus Mountain 50M starts in the village of Verkhny Baksan, 33 hours are allotted for the distance. The main difference from last year's race, except for a reduced distance, is a single participation. Last year, only the team could run the main distance. The climb on the Elbrus Mountain 50M is 6,390 meters.

Finishers of this distance will receive five points each from the ITRA International Trailing Runners Association.

In the morning of August 4, the remaining four races will start. You can participate in Elbrus8 from 10 years old (up to 18 years old - with the written permission of the parents).

1,100 runners will participate in Elbrus World Race 2018. The high level of organization and the difficult terrain of the Elbrus route attract athletes from all over the world.

You can learn more and register for the races here .



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