Eduard Bezuglov: how the doctor of the Russian national football team sets his own records

Eduard Bezuglov: how the doctor of the Russian national football team sets his own records

Photo from the personal archive of Eduard Bezuglov

- Sports I studied from childhood, there was no choice: my father is an athletics coach. And we lived in the Chechen Republic, where, besides sports, there was nothing special to do. I played football, ran, practiced athletics, but everything was on an amateur level.

In his student years, sports faded into the background: it’s very difficult to study at a medical school and to be in sports, there wasn’t enough time for everything. I continued to play football on Thursdays and go to the gym when it turned out, but after graduation, my weight was still more than 100 kilograms.

I can’t say that it bothered me a lot. But when I took part in the Olympiad of my fitness club with my son, and my son took first place in the 1,000 meter race, and I was the sixth in the 3,000 meter race, I couldn’t really answer anything to the question of why I don’t medals - it hit me very much.

At that time I worked at the Lokomotiv football club, and I was asked to test one person who, in my opinion, is unique. Alexey Panferov is a true legend and an icon of an amateur triathlon, it’s a sin not to take an example from him. He passed the treadmill test with gas analysis, and his results were better than many leading Russian football players, and he was already over 40 at that time.

He turned out to be a very pleasant person, it was he who discovered for me the world of marathon running, from which I was so far away. Alexey gave me the book “Bible of the Triathlete”, advised me to start running and solemnly handed the running sneakers. By that time, my weight reached 115 kilograms, and I decided that it was time.

I realized that I like to run, and in May 2011 I ran my first half marathon in 1:30. After that, I went to marathons in Riga, Amsterdam, London, Boston, Berlin and New York.

Naturally, I took part in the Moscow marathon. When I started running marathons, at first my friends laughed at me and called me crazy, but now they all also participate in races. I already have ten marathons behind me, four of which are majors. I try not to run more than two a year, this is not the best way to affect health. Last year I ran three marathons in a month and then recovered for about three months.

During my first marathon, I made all the mistakes I could: ran without a heart rate monitor, without gels, skipped food and water points, just got carried away. As a result, he knocked down all his legs and cursed everything in the world for the last hour and was sure that he would never run again. But two days later I was thinking about the next marathon.



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