Eddie Redmayne: "I feel pressure before every movie"

Edward John David Redmayne was born into a wealthy British family. His father is a financier, his mother owns a transport company, and his uncle is a personal librarian of Elizabeth II. Eddie's siblings also take serious positions in large companies. Edward is the only one in the family who decided to try to build an acting career.

Such a dream came to him when he was eight years old - after he watched Shakespeare's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Parents supported his decision to take up the theater and sent him to the acting school Jackie Palmer Stage School, where he studied with future presenter James Corden.

At the age of ten, Eddie participated in the first musical "Oliver". He was the "Worker Boy No. 40" of 800 children who changed every week. And in 1998, Redmayne starred in the children's television series.

Parents convinced Edward to get a classical education, so he entered the prestigious Eton College, where he studied with Prince William (and the younger brother of the actor studied with Prince Harry). After Edward moved to Trinity College at Cambridge at the Department of Art History, which he graduated with honors. The theme of his thesis was the blue color of Yves Klein (International Klein Blue) - despite the fact that Redmayne himself is color blind.

During his studies, Eddie played in a play for which he was given academic leave for six months. After studying, several more performances took place with his participation, for one of which - “The Goat, or Who is Sylvia” - the actor received the Critics' Circle Theater Awards.

Eddie Redmayne:

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Then Eddie moved to Los Angeles, where he starred with famous actors in a number of paintings: "False Temptation", "Reading Thoughts", “Wild Grace”, “Another of the Boleyn Clan”, “Yellow Handkerchief of Happiness”, “Seven Days and Nights with Marilyn”. But only after 2012 a series of incredibly successful projects awaited him: Les Miserables, Universe of Stephen Hawking, Girl from Denmark and Fantastic Beasts and Where They Live. It seems that one can only dream of such a career. But Redmayne constantly struggled with the fear of failure, self-doubt and perfectionism.

Eddie said that when he participated in the first project as a child, his father - a very rational person who works with numbers - told him that there was only a small chance that he could become an actor, and invited him to start producing .

Eddie Redmayne:

The film "Les Miserables" // Photo: collider. com

After studying, Redmayne lived with his parents: renting an apartment in London or its environs is expensive. He worked in a pub and could not find any acting work. As an actor


GQ, he sometimes receives letters from people who are trying to study at an acting school but cannot rent an apartment.

And then Eddie pays for them, simply because he understands that living in London is "it's impossible expensive."

In 2008, the Burberry brand was offered to Eddie a model contract, which, as he said in an interview with the New York Times, he agreed immediately. At that time, he was engaged in acting for about ten years, but earned 350 pounds a week, playing in the play. For London, this is considered a very low salary at which people can claim benefits.

Having moved to Los Angeles in the hope of conquering Hollywood, he rented an apartment with Jamie Dornan (who is known for his main role in the film "50 Shades of Gray").

Eddie describes those times as "desperate." They went to auditions together, often claiming the same role.

Fortune smiled on the actor when he was offered to play the physicist Stephen Hawking in the movie "Stephen Hawking's Universe." This role earned him the Academy Award, Golden Globe and BAFTA.

But as Eddie admitted in the Graham Norton show, in addition to great honor and success, the role brought him an incredible amount of experience - he almost did not sleep for nine months.

Immediately after the call with a statement about the approval for the role, he experienced euphoria, which was replaced by incredible fear. He was very afraid to let Hawking himself down: “It scared me that Jane (ex-wife), Stephen and his children would see the film. Even with all the work you do, it’s not a documentary, and you won’t be able to do everything correctly and reliably, because, after all, you weren’t there. "

In preparation for the film, the actor was worried before meeting with an outstanding physicist and his family. Redmayne read all articles and books about Hawking for four months.

But he is still ashamed of one situation. When Hawking said that he was born exactly 300 years after the death of Galileo, Eddie decided to add that Stephen was born on January 6, and he is 8 - which means they are both Aquarius. To which Hawking, having waited a few minutes, replied: "I am not an astrologer, I am an astronomer."

During the preparation for the film "Girl from Denmark" (about the artist Einar Wegener, who became the first person to undergo a sex correction operation), Eddie Redmayn carefully studied transgender community, communicated with Lana Wachowski, who had just completed the gender reassignment process. "If with Hawking I was worried that Stephen and his whole family would see the film, then in the case of The Girl from Denmark, I was worried about all the people I met while preparing for the role.

This is a completely different pressure."

Another of Eddie Redmayne’s major projects is Fantastic Beasts and Where They Live, where he plays the main role, wizard Newt Salamander. In this case, the actor was afraid to make a mistake, because he loves Harry Potter very much: "If you love something, you don’t want to be the one who ruins everything."

Redmayne does not hide the fact that he had several unsuccessful castings that broke his heart and destroyed his childhood dreams. The first is the role of Kylo Ren in Star Wars.



that after ten attempts to portray Darth Vader’s voice, he simply gave up. He also auditioned for the role of Bilbo Beggins in the movie The Hobbit. He decided to experiment and portrayed the hero Ian Holm from The Lord of the Rings, but something went wrong and he was never called back.

Eddie Redmayne has a serious approach to his business: “I think it’s incredible luck to professionally do what you liked as a child. The idea that you do such a job and get paid for it seems unrealistic” .

According to the actor, the main secret of his success is that he is always afraid of failure. This is what allows not to be arrogant, but to learn and develop.



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