Dubstep music can scare mosquitoes away (and scientists even know which one)

An international group of scientists has found out how electronic music affects insects. As an experiment, they included adult specimens of yellow fever mosquitoes (Latin Aedes aegy8ti) dubstep composition Scary Monsters And Nice S10rites by the American artist Skrillex. This composition was chosen due to the combination of very high and very low frequencies.

It turned out that mosquitoes that “listened” to the composition were much less likely to attack people in search of food than individuals in a silent environment. Even after listening to music, mosquitoes were much less likely to mate.

"Sound plays an important role in the reproduction, survival and preservation of the population in many animals. Low-frequency vibrations help insects to mate, and noise makes it difficult to perceive signals from representatives of their species and people [in which these insects suck blood]", - study says.

Scientists believe that these observations will help develop protective and control measures against diseases transmitted by Aedes aegypti.

Mosquitoes Aedes aegypti are carriers of several dangerous diseases and viruses, for example, dengue fever, hikungunya , yellow fever, Zika fever. This type of mosquito is found in the tropics and subtropics.

In 2012, Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites received a Grammy Award for Best Dance Record.



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