Dua Lipa: “You have to fight for your dream. Work hard, be adamant. This is the secret to success. ”

The life of Dua Lipa is not the story of Cinderella, since there was no drama. But there was work, talent and a YouTube channel. Tanya Krylova tells the story of the youngest artist, whose music video was watched by a billion people.

Lipa was born in London in a family of migrants from Kosovo. Parents called the girl Dua, which means "I love" in Albanian.

Until the age of twelve, Dua was brought up in English traditions, but as soon as Kosovo declared independence, the family moved to their homeland. However, after three years, Lipa alone returned to London in search of success. From an early age, she loved to sing and firmly believed that she could achieve a lot. She was not at all upset by the failure of the samples in the school choir, where her voice was recognized too low and ugly.

When at age 15 you try to study, work, conquer peaks and not bad to live in London without parents, you have to sacrifice something.

For Lipa, studying was far from a priority. In the final class, the girl failed the final exams and passed them only after a year.

Instead of studying, Lipa worked as a hostess in a nightclub, sang in bars and hosted a YouTube channel, where she re-hit hits of famous artists. The audience liked the pretty girl with a velvet voice, who sang the songs of Christina Aguilera, Nelly Furtado and Pink. Each video of the future singer began with the words: "Hello! I’m Dua Lipa, I’m 15 years old! Today I will perform a song .

.." The girl’s smile, simplicity and talent could not help but attract attention - and over time she was noticed. However, not music producers, but modeling agents.

Dua Lipa never dreamed of a model career , but she still did not have stable work, so the girl did not miss the chance.

Last year, for example, she starred in the Patrizia Pe41e ad campaign, for which Nancy Sinatra's famous Bang Bang hit fantastic.

However, in the modeling business it is rarely possible to avoid conflicts when it comes to the features of the figure, because even personalities here must correspond to the parameters. Once, for shooting, Lipa was asked to urgently lose weight. The girl tried to lose those extra pounds, but diets only drove him into depression, ruined his health and undermined his self-esteem. Therefore, Lipa refused to redraw herself for the sake of someone else's approval and, when fame came, she became the envoy of the body-positive movement.


Each of us should have the privilege

to love our body and feel sexy. I am glad that I can promote this idea to the masses and support all the girls who need to understand that they are so damn sexy and should not change to please others.

Even in the most difficult and busy days Dua Lipa did not forget about her channel on YouTube. And finally, five years later, she unexpectedly received feedback. In 2015, Lipe was offered a contract by Warner Bros.

Records. For the twenty-year-old performer, this was an incredible success, and soon Dua released the debut

single, New Love

, followed by

Be the One

. It was this song that first stirred up the European charts, forcing the public to talk about the British performer.

Further events developed very quickly. In 2016, the singer released four singles, each of which reached the first lines of the European, and then the world charts.

In Russia, they started talking about Lip after the sixth single of the singer - No Lie, recorded in a duet with Sean Paul. After the release of this hit, documentaries became interested in the history of life and career of Lipa, and in 2016 a short film See in Blue was released about her.

It would seem that a documentary at the age of 21 is a very serious bar, which is not easy to keep. But Dua releases the seventh and most famous

single - New Rules,

forever inscribing itself in the history of European music. “I picked up the phone and found out that I’m the youngest artist, whose clip has gained a billion views,” Lipa reacted to the news about her success on Instagram.

New Rules became the first single of the performer in two years to reach the first line of the UK charts since Adele Hello. The debut album, which included the song, helped Lipa become the most successful artist of 2018 according to Official Charts.

The Kosovo origin of Lipa was never a secret for fans and always aroused interest among journalists. Tabloids have repeatedly called the girl with Albanian roots the ambassador of Kosovo culture, although Lipa never used her origin to create an image and attract interest in herself. The singer is happy to come to Kosovo, not missing the opportunity to speak at home.

In his social media accounts, Lipa regularly shares news about his hometown of Pristina, debunking myths about a war-worn republic. “There are still ruined areas in Kosovo,” the singer said in an interview. “But every time I get home, I notice that something new and good happens all the time.”

In the summer of 2016, Dua and her father set up a fund to help the people of Kosovo. Despite the fact that the girl spent most of her life in the UK, she considers herself equally Albanian and English.

- I have many friends in Kosovo, and their support from the very beginning, from the time when my music was only in my laptop, allowed me in many ways do what i do. If it were not for the Kosovo part of my life, maybe my career would have turned out differently. So I am proud to represent Kosovo in the world.

It is difficult to say what exactly helped Dua Lipe to succeed: talent, charisma, hard work or an exotic origin. Moreover, it is still unclear whether the success of the singer will be long-lasting, or in proportion to the rapid take-off, will soon come to naught.

But that’s why it’s interesting to follow the girl who at 21 was able to squeeze Adele, and at 23 she became one of the most successful artists of the year.



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