Dry Brush Massage: Pros and Cons

Dry brush massage is a massage using a wooden brush with hard bristles, designed to remove dead particles from the surface of the skin and improve blood flow. Professionals advise choosing brushes with a long handle made of natural wood and cactus bristles. It is important to massage with a dry brush and dry skin - otherwise there will be no effect.

It is believed that this type of massage increases the drainage of lymphatic fluids in the body, which, in turn, supposedly helps him get rid of toxins. But unfortunately, this is not so.

Firstly, the body itself regulates the cleansing process, for this there is a liver and kidneys. Secondly, dry massage affects only the surface of the skin, while our lymphatic vessels are deep under it. For example, physical exercises that provoke muscle contractions throughout the body will be much more effective. In general, there is no reliable data confirming the hypothesis that massage with a dry brush is an effective tool for cleansing the lymphatic system.

Massage with a dry brush will not help you cope with digestive problems and varicose veins.

However, brushing can make your skin smoother and toned, but don't expect a quick result. What can be said for sure: such a massage perfectly exfoliates the skin and can completely replace scrubs.



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