Do you want to bark about it? Animal Psychologists - What They Do and How They Can Help Your Dog

People come to me who understand: something is wrong with the animal. I am glad that customers do not want to train the animal, not subordinate it to themselves, but to understand how to find contact with it. For example, people come to me complaining that the dog barks a lot. I'm starting to figure out why this is happening. Barking in her case - is it natural or not? Most often it turns out that problems in the behavior of the animal are a consequence of anxiety and stress.

Often, zoopsychologists work with destructive behavior when an animal in the absence of a host begins to tear up everything that it sees. This is work with loneliness, anxiety disorder. We teach the dog independence, learn to control emotions. Destructive behavior is most often due to the fact that the dog cannot understand whether the owner will return. For her, he left forever, she begins to panic.

Zoopsychologists teach the dog to relax, she must understand that while no one is home, she can rest, sleep. Dogs are very ritual animals, and this can and should be used. For example, when I go somewhere, my dogs see me putting on my shoes, take the keys - for them it is a signal that I will be gone for a while and they can rest. Here, the difference between the work of the zoopsychologist and the dog handler can be traced - destructive behavior can also be observed in trained dogs. The fact that she knows how to carry out all the commands will not help here.

The key point is contact with the animal. The dog must understand that she cannot cross the road without me - this is a matter of her safety, and she must trust me. And she can go into the staircase behind me - here I already trust her. When such mutual contact occurs, it becomes very durable.



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