Dips - Super exercise for arms and chest

Dips - this is an unrivaled exercise for working out the triceps and pectoral muscles, as well as to strengthen the shoulder girdle. Along with the horizontal bar, the bars are one of the most affordable simulators. They are in almost every gym, on outdoor sports grounds, and some even have a home. In this article we will look at how to do push-ups on the uneven bars and analyze the features of this exercise.

Working muscles

The main load of push-ups on the uneven bars is created on the muscles of the back surface of the shoulder, or triceps.

The essence of the movement is to lift your body from the lower to the upper position due to the extension of the arms at the elbows (namely, this is the main function of the triceps). No matter how we put our hands, do not reject the body and do not change the position of the elbows - triceps works in any case.

Large pectoral muscles act as synergist muscles (assistants). The technique of doing push-ups from the bars can vary so that these muscles are included in the work to a greater or lesser extent. Since the chest and triceps work in pairs - the more the chest is loaded, the less triceps are involved and vice versa.

The pectoral muscles are larger and stronger, so at the first opportunity they pull the load on themselves.

Dips - Super exercise for arms and chest

The function of the pectoral muscles is to reduce the shoulders (hands from the elbow to the shoulder joint) in front of the body. Accordingly, in order to transfer the emphasis of the load from the triceps to the chest, the push-up technique should include not only the extension of the arms, but also the reduction of the shoulders from a wide position to a narrower one. We will examine in detail the technique of push-ups on bars in the chest and triceps style in the corresponding part of the article.

In addition to the above muscle groups, a significant load falls on the front bundles of the deltoid muscles and ligaments of the shoulder joints.

To perform the exercise, the shoulder girdle must be absolutely stable, because you not only keep all your weight at the expense of it, but also move, creating an additional load.

It is precisely because of the high load on the ligaments of the shoulders that push-ups on the uneven bars are considered a somewhat traumatic exercise. However, as they say, warned - means armed. If you have injuries to the shoulder joints, elbows, or wrists, refrain from doing the exercise until it is fully restored.

Along with triceps, pectoral muscles and deltas, push-ups from the bars include body stabilizers (press and back, and numerous small muscles).

If you bend your legs back, the hips and buttocks biceps work in static.

Actually, we examined the work of the muscles. We turn to the technique of performing various variations of the exercise.

Focus on triceps

In fact, this is a classic version of the push-ups from the bars. Go to the projectile and jump on it.

The distance between the bars should be slightly wider than the shoulders. Grip - palms to the body.

Dips - Super exercise for arms and chest

  1. In the initial position (top point), your body is located vertically, you hold on straight arms, your elbows are turned back.
  2. After breathing in, go down as far as the flexibility of your shoulder joints allows. Focus on an angle of 90 degrees at the elbows.

    During movement, the elbows are turned back and pressed to the body.

  3. On the exhale, due to the extension of the arms, go up. If the exercise is given to you with great difficulty, at the top point, straighten your elbows. This will give the triceps a short respite. If you are an experienced athlete, leave a small angle at the elbows so as not to unload the target muscles.

Working on the triceps mass, strive to complete 10-15 repetitions in 3-4 approaches. Get down slowly, and get up quickly.

As soon as all this will be easy enough for you, begin to master push-ups on the uneven bars. You should not rush into this matter, since overdoing it with the load can injure yourself and, in general, deprive yourself of training for a long time.

In the triceps training program, push-ups on the bars are better to put in the beginning.

In addition, you can do exercises such as extension of the arms in an incline, back push-ups, push-ups with a narrow grip, hindu push-ups.

Emphasis on the pectoral muscles

In order to transfer part of the load to the pectoral muscles, we need to change the technique so that it contains the mechanics of bringing the shoulders together. To do this, firstly, we will spread our elbows a little to the sides, and secondly, we will tilt the case forward. The exercise works out the lower chest as much as possible. The pectoral muscles stretch well at the lower point, which increases the amplitude of movement, and, consequently, its effectiveness.

Dips - Super exercise for arms and chest

You should not try to perform the exercise on too wide bars. This can cause injury. The best option for the distance between the bars is a little wider than your shoulders.

The technique of push-ups from the bars with an emphasis on the chest is as follows:

  1. Jump on the projectile, turn your elbows slightly to the sides and tilt the body forward about 30 degrees.
  2. While inhaling, lower the body down, spreading your elbows to the sides.

    Do not try to breed them too wide - all within the limits of anatomical comfort. At the bottom, you should feel a good stretch of the bottom of the chest. Focus on the angle at the elbows of 90 degrees.

  3. On the exhale, as much as possible reducing the pectoral muscles, raise yourself to the starting position. At the upper point, flatten your chest even more and stay for 1-2 seconds.

As in the case of triceps, training the chest on the mass, perform 10-15 repetitions in 3-4 approaches. As soon as you solve this problem - master push-ups on bars with weight.

In the chest training program, an exercise can be set, for example, after bench presses.

For beginners

Often, for beginners, and especially for girls, the muscles of the upper body are not yet sufficiently developed to complete the exercise.Accordingly, the question of how to learn to push up on the uneven bars from scratch becomes relevant.

There may be several options:

  • Performing push-ups in a gravitron. This is a special simulator with a pillow to support the knees, which partially compensates for the weight of your body and makes doing the exercise easier.
  • Partial amplitude push-ups. The lower you lower the case, the more difficult it will be to lift it to the top point. Try to do an exercise with an incomplete amplitude, gradually increasing it to a normal value.

  • Support for a partner or trainer. At first, someone can help you by supporting your legs.
  • Training the negative phase. Learn to first go down controlled from the top point. This will help strengthen your muscles and prepare you for the positive phase of movement.

And finally, the simplest recommendation. If the strength of your triceps and pectoral muscles is still insufficient, strengthen your muscles with simpler exercises. For triceps it can be: extension of the arms in an incline, push-ups from the floor with a narrow setting of hands, French bench press. For the lower chest: bench press with a tilt head down, push-ups with a wide grip (hands on the bench) and others.

Recommendations for implementation

In order for the push-ups from the bars to become really useful and effective exercises for you and not lead to injury, when implementing them, consider the following recommendations:

  • Holding onto the bars, do not bend your wrists.

    The grip should be tight and stable. The same goes for the shoulder joints.

  • Do not use too wide bars (much wider than the shoulders). This makes the exercise more traumatic than useful.
  • Try to keep your spine as flat as possible.

    The muscles of the abs and back help stabilize the body.

  • Before you start push-ups, be sure to warm up. Rotate your shoulders, forearms and wrists, pull the muscles.
  • Avoid jerking, slow execution of the movement, firstly, requires more effort, and, accordingly, more stresses the muscles, and, secondly, more safely.
  • Do not relax or sag in your shoulders at the bottom.

    All phases of movement should be under your control.

Push-ups on the bars, if done correctly, can give a powerful impetus to the growth of the muscles of the triceps and chest. In addition, their implementation develops the flexibility of the shoulder girdle, trains the ligaments and increases the overall strength and endurance of the athlete. A huge plus for your health will be training in the fresh air. Work on yourself and the results will not be long in coming.



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