Dima Samoilov: “They called me Samson because of natural strength”

The story of a 17-year-old guy from the Kursk region who created a gym right in the courtyard of his house.

- I started playing sports a long time ago: at the age of 12 I was pushing up, pulling myself up, squatting with the weight of my own body. I studied in the sixth grade, but even then I was engaged in arm wrestling on equal terms with children from grades 10 and 11. Because of my natural strength, they called me Samson (the Old Testament hero judge, who was famous for his exploits in the fight against the Philistines. - Approx.

Ed. ).

Dad attracted me to sports. He said that a man should be strong.

Dad equipped a horizontal bar in the yard and made two dumbbells weighing one and a half kilograms.

He wanted me and my brother to train (my brother is four years older than me). At first it was, but after some time my brother got tired, and I fanatically continued to study. I liked the physical activity, and with the advent of the first results, everything became much more exciting. At 13, I did push-ups 120 times, pulled myself up 13 times and crouched 250 times.

Once a brother’s friend showed me on the athlete’s Internet - “Plush Beard” (CT ​​Fletcher.

- Approx. Ed. ). I was inspired by his story and found out what "iron sport" is. Seeing the bench press, I ran with burning eyes to the garage, where for several years lay an untouched bar of 25 kilograms.

I just lay on the table and started to reap it.

I grew up and my strength, and dad built a collapsible barbell, first at 45 kilograms, then made additional discs.

After some time I got acquainted with the “Strongmen” movement old school "- thanks to Victor Fornication. He rehabilitated this school. I am attracted to this movement on a subconscious level: I like power tricks, exercises, training techniques of strong men who lived 70 and even 200 years ago.

Of course, modern simulators are also good and technologically advanced, but strength and mass grow due to free weights (weights, barbells, dumbbells).

First, peers said: why do you need it, drop it a business. And now respected, advised. A narrow circle of my friends also goes in for sports, welcomes a healthy lifestyle, so we still spend time together, my passion for heavy weights does not prevent this.

I started an Instagram account three years ago to share events from my life and training.

I wanted to show that it’s not necessary to go to a fitness club and use expensive fitness equipment to keep fit. In May of this year, a karate weightlifter noticed me and posted my video on his page, which served as an impetus in the promotion of my account. After that, the brand of sportswear WarriorMMA offered me cooperation: he provides me with clothes, and I train in it and upload the video to the Network.

What is my goal in sports? Yes, just be a universal and media athlete, continue to develop the page on Instagram, inspiring other guys.

I like sports.

I'm not looking for excuses, I'm looking for opportunities.



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