Diamond push-ups (triangle): which muscles work, technique

Diamond push-ups (triangle): which muscles work, technique

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Inflated triceps give a beautiful shape and volumetric appearance to the hands.

To train these muscles, you do not have to visit the fitness room - you can do it at home. We offer to disassemble diamond push-ups from the floor - an effective exercise for the development of triceps muscles.

Diamond push-ups (triangle): which muscles work, technique

What muscles work

The main load is taken over triceps. Large pectorals help them push the body up. During movement, the entire body is stabilized by the biceps of the arms, the abdominal muscles and the quadriceps femoris.


It is better to do push-ups with a “diamond” grip after simple joint gymnastics. Rotate in different directions of the brush for 1 minute. Repeat with forearms. Finish the workout with smooth, sweeping movements of your hands back and forth. Proceed with the exercise:

  1. Lower in the position of the bar on outstretched arms.

  2. Place your palms clearly under your chest and bring them close. At the same time, the thumbs and index fingers touch each other, forming the outline of a diamond (something like a triangle will turn out).
  3. Choose a comfortable foot position: spread apart or closed.
  4. Tighten your abdominal muscles, hips, and buttocks.
  5. Raise your head, look forward.

  6. Inhaling, gently lower the body until the sternum touches the back of the palms.
  7. With an exhalation, due to the tension of the triceps and muscles of the chest, rise to the initial position.
  8. Freeze for a second in the upper phase, then repeat the push-up.

Recommendations for implementation:

  • Keep your shoulders close to your body. If you extend your elbows to the sides, the payload will shift from the triceps to the pectoral muscles.

  • Avoid bending in the abdominal region. When the back is bent down, the lower back will overstrain.
  • Drive evenly. Lowering and lifting the body are carried out at the same pace.

Beginners do 3 sets of 12 reps.

For trained athletes, we recommend progressive loads with each set.

With the correct and regular execution of the “diamond” push-ups, the following results can be achieved:

  • increased pushing strength;
  • strengthening the ligamentous apparatus and joints of the hands;
  • creation of a beautiful shape of the upper limbs;
  • development of small muscle stabilizers;
  • lift of the abdominal region.


Push-ups with a “diamond” or in another way with a “triangle” is a difficult exercise that requires training from an athlete. Therefore, for beginners, we recommend that you perform the item with focus on the knees. And, on the contrary, advanced athletes will use sophisticated techniques:

  • On one leg.

    The emphasis of the lower extremities is carried out on one foot, the second is held on weight.This creates an additional load on the triceps and on the muscles responsible for the balance of the body.

  • From the stand. The athlete takes the starting position, but puts the feet on the platform so that the heels are above the head line. The technique also allows you to increase the load on the triceps.

We recommend girls to perform “diamond” push-ups from a vertical position. To do this, get up about a meter from the wall, stretch out your arms and place your palms with a "diamond" on the surface. On inspiration, bend your elbows and bring your chest closer to your hands, on exhale - straighten your limbs and return to the starting position.

Differences from other exercises

Quite often, diamond push-ups are confused with the narrow-grip push-up technique. The difference between these elements is significant:

  • "Narrow" push-ups suggest setting the palms at a distance of 25-30 cm or closer.

    This technique allows you to evenly distribute the load between the pectoral muscles and triceps.

  • “Diamond” push-ups, due to the spread of the hands to each other and their setting as close as possible, are intended solely for accented impact on the triceps muscles of the hands.

Experienced trainers recommend not to go in cycles in one version of push-ups, but to perform them in a complex and involve different muscle groups. For example, if an athlete wants to strengthen his arms and torso, classic push-ups should be combined in one training, wide, narrow, as well as pushing out the body and clapping your hands. The presented elements are performed on 3-4 sets of 12-15 repetitions, 3 times a week

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Diamond push-ups (triangle): which muscles work, technique

FitNavigator. ru / edition

The material was prepared by the site team with the support of our experts: athletes, trainers and nutrition specialists. Our team. .



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