Detailed review of the bright fitness bracelet Canyon CNS-SB41BG

The hero of today's review is a fitness tracker with advanced functionality from the Canyon brand. The CNS-SB41BG is provided for manufacturer testing. Let's take a closer look at the device.

Detailed review of the bright fitness bracelet Canyon CNS-SB41BG


This is a bracelet with a color LCD-display 0, 96 ″ and a resolution of 160 * 80 pixels. It's a bit, but compared to the monochrome 0.

42 ″ Xiaomi Mi Band 2 OLED screen, the difference is immediately felt. Bright large numbers and pictograms are clearly visible.

Detailed review of the bright fitness bracelet Canyon CNS-SB41BG
Display - design option No. 1 with weather widget, battery indicator, Bluetooth icon, information about the day of the week, day and month.

The case is made of metal and plastic, the silicone strap with a metal clasp.

The weight of the device is only 25 g. Dimensions:

  • cases: 48x22x12 mm;
  • straps: 85x18x2 and 116x18x2 mm.

Detailed review of the bright fitness bracelet Canyon CNS-SB41BG

For Canyon CNS-SB41BG, IP68 protection level is declared. The first digit means that the device is completely protected from dust. The second figure - an indicator of water resistance - means that the bracelet is protected from water (no more than 30 minutes at a depth of 1.

5 meters). You can take a shower and swim.

The capacity of the built-in battery is 90 mAh. Claimed operating time:

  • in standby mode - up to 15 days;
  • in intensive mode - up to 5 days.

Getting started testing, we fully charged the battery.

The next charge was required only after 7 days. Excellent result!


In the box, in addition to the bracelet, you will find only a recharge kit and a brief user manual (Russian language is present). The manual is extremely scarce, it lacks management instructions. However, such a document was found on the manufacturer’s website, and is available here (PDF).

Detailed review of the bright fitness bracelet Canyon CNS-SB41BG
What's in the box.

Nothing extra.

The charger is a clip into which the case is inserted so that the three electrodes on the clothespin coincide with the clock. The USB connector plugs into the USB port of a computer or portable battery.

Detailed review of the bright fitness bracelet Canyon CNS-SB41BG
Close-up of the charger and watch case.


"Gentlemen's set" of opportunities is quite familiar for fitness trackers with an accelerometer and heart rate monitor.

The following functions are implemented in the CNS-SB41BG model:

  • watches with the ability to switch the style of the dial by long pressing the touch button;
  • information about the day of the week, day and month (displayed only on the default dial );
  • weather widget (displayed only on the default dial, works when connected to a smartphone);
  • pedometer;
  • calorie monitoring;
  • monitoring sleep;
  • heart rate measurement;
  • activity monitoring (running, walking, hiking);
  • notifications of incoming calls and messages (works when if connected to a smartphone);
  • remote control of the camera (works if connected to a smartphone);
  • “find phone” and “find hours” (works if connected to a smartphone);
  • reminder for prolonged absence of movement (works when connected to a smartphone);
  • activation when moving (works when connected to a smartphone).

The bracelet is controlled using the touch button, as it does not have Touch Screen technology. A short press on the button switches the functions one after another, a long press (hold) - selects and activates the desired function.

Detailed review of the bright fitness bracelet Canyon CNS-SB41BG
The full map of functions from the official instructions (in our model there is no activity "Swimming"). Everything is in full view.

You can’t imagine more clearly. Click to enlarge.

Mobile application

Many of the above features fully work only if the fitness tracker is connected to a smartphone. For this, the device is equipped with Bluetooth 4. 0.

Detailed review of the bright fitness bracelet Canyon CNS-SB41BG
The main screen of the Android application and a graph with step statistics.

The connection works through the official Canyon Fit application, available for download on Google Play (Android 4. 4 and above) and the App Store (iOS 10. 0 and above).

The program collects statistics in three categories:

  1. Steps: distance traveled, calories burned, activity time.

  2. Sleep: time to fall asleep, time to wake up, light sleep, deep sleep.
  3. Pulse: minimum, maximum and average value.

Data for the current day is displayed on the main screen of the application. And in the "Statistics" section you can see the weekly, monthly and annual schedule.

Detailed review of the bright fitness bracelet Canyon CNS-SB41BG
Statistics of heart rate and sleep tracking.

Let's go through other application settings:

  • Disconnect device - turn off the bracelet.
  • Find a device - the tracker will vibrate if connected to a smartphone.
  • Remote camera control - take a picture using the smartphone’s camera by pressing the touch button.
  • Physical parameters - indicate gender, height, weight.
  • Heart rate measurement - set the interval for heart rate measurement (for example, every hour from 10:00 to 22:00).

  • Turn on gestures - activates the screen when making the natural look-watch movement.
  • Choice of hand - setting for right-handed person or left-handed person for correct operation of gestures.
  • Notifications - from which applications to receive notifications.
  • Alarm - set an alarm (when triggered, the bracelet will vibrate).
  • Warm up - remind you if there is no movement for a long time (for example, from 10:00 to 22:00 on Saturday and Sunday if there is no movement for 60 minutes and if the result is less than 1000 steps).

  • Regional settings - language, date format, distance and temperature units.
Detailed review of the bright fitness bracelet Canyon CNS-SB41BG
Application settings.

Until the first synchronization, all the inscriptions in the bracelet will be in English. After communication with the phone, the device is set to the same language as in the application on the smartphone. If the language in the application is not supported by the device, the default language will be set - English.


And this, perhaps, is the main "chip" that distinguishes the bracelet from a number of similar devices. Just compare what the tracker looks like next to the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 (pictured below).

Detailed review of the bright fitness bracelet Canyon CNS-SB41BG
British scientists have proved that the second tracker doubles the training efficiency.

Of course, beauty is a subjective concept. But if you prefer bright sports accessories, you will surely like the CNS-SB41BG.

The green accents on the strap and the large color elements on the display definitely attract attention. Other devices, such as headphones, as well as elements of sportswear, are often made in this color. You can choose a stylish combination to taste.

Detailed review of the bright fitness bracelet Canyon CNS-SB41BG
Now you have to buy gloves with green accents.

For lovers of strict design, Canyon has a similar model CNS-SB41BR with gray accents instead of green ones.

The strap does not cause discomfort, sits pleasantly and softly. Many holes perform not only an aesthetic function - in hot weather, additional air circulation is never unnecessary.

Test results, final impressions

In the two weeks during which we tested the device, the bracelet as a whole proved to be excellent for its category. First, briefly go through the usual functions.

The clock correctly shows the time, date and day of the week after the first synchronization with the smartphone.

Pedometer counts steps, heart rate monitor measures heart rate. There are no surprises here.

Detailed review of the bright fitness bracelet Canyon CNS-SB41BG
Only forward! There are another 7748 steps to the goal.

The pedometer, by the way, is rather difficult to deceive. The error in the observations was about 5%.

Well, you wake up in the morning, most likely, with 100 steps on the counter. It is possible to wind up the steps only if you actively juggle with two or three objects. Do not ask why we did this. Accelerometer offset.

Heart rate readings are close to actual.

But remember that this is just a rough guide. Do not use this data to make important health decisions, and even less so when making medical diagnoses.

Detailed review of the bright fitness bracelet Canyon CNS-SB41BG
Heart rate monitor at work.In fact, it is green and glows!

Notifications of calls and messages (including messengers) are a nice addition to sports opportunities. Especially if a small child sleeps at home.

Slight vibration of the bracelet is always preferable to a phone signal.

Detailed review of the bright fitness bracelet Canyon CNS-SB41BG
This is how the display looks if you have no friends.

Activity monitoring works elementarily - we went for a run, turned on Run activity, finished running, turned it off.

Most of the other functions work as stated in the previous sections of the review - there are no complaints. However, it is worth talking about what upset.

There are certainly disadvantages.

Detailed review of the bright fitness bracelet Canyon CNS-SB41BG
The alternative dial looks nice, but I don’t want to use it regularly. At least there is not enough battery indicator.

The weather widget works extremely strange. The data are different from the real ones (you must agree, the difference between + 17 ° C on the device and actual + 25 ° C is noticeable).

The instructions state that the informer works subject to synchronization with a smartphone. At the same time, the indicators rarely change during the day, although the connection to the phone was made several times a day.

Settings where it would be possible to set the data source or update frequency could not be found. We hope to finalize the application or firmware.

Activity monitoring records only the last activity type for the current day.

For example, if you ran in the morning and took a walk in the evening, in the application history you will see only a walk that will be recorded instead of a run. It’s annoying, but there is hope for future updates.

Sleep monitoring is in itself a controversial function, in our opinion. Maintain minimal hygiene of sleep, go to bed and wake up at about the same time, provide yourself 7-8 hours of sleep - this is enough for an ordinary person to get enough sleep. This is indicated in his lectures, for example, by the famous Russian doctor-somnologist Mikhail Poluektov.

Do I need to track something extra? In any case, this function does not work accurately. The data on falling asleep and waking up are different from the actual ones, not to mention the phases of sleep.

Detailed review of the bright fitness bracelet Canyon CNS-SB41BG
Sleep time was 2 hours 4 minutes. Not really.

Finally, the fitness tracker occasionally suffers from a “disease” that is widespread among all such devices - a connection error with the smartphone, even though the bracelet itself is located at a distance of 10-20 centimeters at that moment.

That's all the flaws that we were able to identify. It remains to deal with water resistance.

The bracelet withstood the repeated reception of a warm shower. Photos in the shower, of course, we will not post. But with a working tracker placed in a container with water, please.

Detailed review of the bright fitness bracelet Canyon CNS-SB41BG

The device successfully copes with the effects of water. Perhaps we would not recommend taking a long hot bath with him, after all, this class of protection is not designed for high temperatures.But the shower, swimming and rain will not hurt at all.

What is the result? We have a bright and stylish fitness bracelet with most of the popular and popular functions. At the time of review, the cost of the device is 3990 p.

This is an average of 1000-2000 p. higher than the cost of entry-level budget models.

If you do not have a goal to purchase the cheapest device, we recommend that you take a closer look at the Canyon CNS-SB41BG. The bracelet is not inferior to similar models from other manufacturers.

The trackers themselves, in our opinion, have already learned to do well, and the competition is moving to the field of design and additional features.

In this field, the hero of our review is a strong player, thanks to the appearance, bright color display and functionality.

You can buy a Canyon CNS-SB41BG bracelet in the Svyaznoy store.



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