Democracy prolongs life (as scientists say)

According to the Guardian, American scientists conducted a large study, during which they analyzed life in 170 countries. Researchers found that life expectancy increased in those countries where a democratic regime has been established over the past 50 years - there have been less deaths from cardiovascular and oncological diseases, as well as from cirrhosis. In addition, there was a decrease in mortality due to car accidents.

"Free and fair elections seem to be important for improving adult health. Most likely, this is due to increased government accountability and responsibility," the study says.

"Democracy has more health benefits than autocracy. "

Most of the world's population lives in democracies, but more than two billion live in countries where democracy has been at a standstill in recent years. These countries include India, Turkey, Brazil, and, according to the Guardian, the United States.

"According to our estimates, from 1994 to 2014, the spread of democracy led to a decrease in mortality from cardiovascular diseases by 16 million people worldwide," says one of the authors of the study . - We believe that in free societies the best indicators are not so much due to prosperity, but due to the existing social pressure.

In non-democratic countries, voters have virtually no opportunity to demand better medical services from the government. "



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