Deadlift with dumbbells - the benefits of exercise, technique

Often deadlift with dumbbells helps us out when we recover from an injury or are not strong enough to work with a barbell. An empty Olympic vulture weighs 20 kg. And it happens that there are no other vultures in the gym. And 20 kg is quite a lot. Therefore, dumbbells are always useful in such situations.

With dumbbells, all the same traction options are performed as with a barbell.

Is there any sense in pulling with dumbbells?

If you are a man and calmly pull 100 kg from the floor, then you don’t need dumbbells. On the contrary, your strength indicators will drop if you deal with lighter weights. But girls are another matter. When a girl comes to the gym, it’s hard for her to do traction with a 20 kilogram bar.

Need less weight.

Deadlift with dumbbells - the benefits of exercise, technique

Sometimes after an injury it is important to begin to bend, it does not matter, on straight legs or bent, with very slight weights. Two small dumbbells are a great option. Lumbar muscles work better than when leaning without weight. The load is on, there is some sense.

We conclude: deadlift with dumbbells is an effective exercise for some.

It will suit you if:

  • You are a beginner athlete and the weight of the bar is too big for you.
  • You are recovering from an injury and high loads are contraindicated.
  • You train at home, and you simply do not have a barbell. But there are more universal dumbbells.

Deadlift with dumbbells - the benefits of exercise, technique

Work of muscles in exercise

No matter what type of projectile we take: dumbbells, kettlebell, barbell, deadlift remains the same exercise to the same muscle groups.

Depending on what type of traction we have chosen, the stress accent may shift. The muscles work as follows:

  • The muscles of the back. For the most part, the load falls on the extensors of the back, especially on their lumbar part. The latitudinal and trapezium are slightly involved.

  • The muscles of the legs and buttocks. These are quadriceps (they work with classical traction, turn off in deadlift on straight legs, they are minimally involved in Romanian), hip biceps (work everywhere, but mostly in deadlift), large gluteus muscles (Romanian is the leader in terms of load).
  • The muscles of the forearms. They load due to the fact that you hold the weight with your hands.

Little more muscle is involved.

They help the main working groups and stabilize the body.

In other words, in an exercise with dumbbells, everything is exactly the same as with a barbell. The shell is different, but the technique of movement is the same.

Types of deadlifts with dumbbells

As already mentioned above, with dumbbells you can do all the same versions of rods as with a barbell. However, there are some nuances.

For example, sumo deadlift involves working with significant weights. This is an exercise in powerlifting. The classic stand on bent legs with dumbbells is more suitable for beginner men or girls. Of course, there are 20 kg dumbbells, but with this weight the bar becomes much more convenient.

Therefore, trying to perform heavy types of deadlifts with dumbbells is not practical.

But the dead and the Romanian craving can be fully recommended.

Let's take a closer look at the technique.

Deadlift with dumbbells

We will analyze in detail how deadlift with dumbbells is performed. You can use this exercise at home. Buying a pair of dumbbells is simple and very useful.

These are universal weighting agents. You can do so much with them, so many muscles can be strengthened!

Deadlift with dumbbells - the benefits of exercise, technique

So, let's warm up well. To perform the exercise "deadlift with dumbbells" you need a good stretch in the lower back. After warming up, you need to stretch the muscles slightly to prepare them for work.

  1. We stand, legs slightly narrower than shoulders, look straight.

    The legs are straightened at the knees and at the same time a little relaxed. This way your knees will not snap. They will be held by the strength of the muscles, not the fixative of the knee joint.

  2. The loin should be slightly bent so that the pelvis goes back (natural deflection), the shoulders are straightened, the shoulder blades are slightly reduced (to the natural position with proper posture).
  3. We bring our hands out in front of us, turning them with our palms at our feet.

    It is not necessary to keep the dumbbells in a straight line, you can slightly expand the brushes in a position convenient for you.

  4. We begin to lower the body forward, trying not to bend the knees. Your center of gravity will move forward. Compensate for this by pushing the pelvis back (minimum tap of the pelvis so that your arms hang exactly above the middle of the feet).
  5. Get down until the lower back begins to round - this is the limit of your stretch today.

    To such a level you can do the exercise.

  6. Now we take the weight (dumbbells), and repeat exactly the same with them.

Do 10-12 reps in 3 sets.

Deadlift with dumbbells - exercise on the muscles of the lower back and the back of the thigh, buttocks. It is recommended for girls, men to perform it does not make much sense.

Begin with small weights. The first workout should always be carried out with such a weight that you feel the load, but do not injure your muscles. Then gradually increase the weight until the muscles begin to receive a full load. You kill two birds with one stone: prepare the tendons for the load, and accurately measure the desired weight.

Nuance: dumbbells, starting from a place just above the knee, glide over your legs.

Therefore, put on your pants so as not to leave abrasions. This applies more to exercises with the barbell, as it is heavier than dumbbells, but it is still better to be careful.

Romanian dumbbell deadlift

For those who do not have enough flexibility to do exercise on straight legs, there is a Romanian dumbbell deadlift. Again, the exercise is for girls who cannot yet work with the barbell.

Deadlift with dumbbells - the benefits of exercise, technique

The weight of the dumbbell should be minimal for the first time.

In beginners, the muscles are not accustomed to the load. The first 3-5 repetitions with heavy weight for them may seem trifling.After the 6th approach there will be a sharp fatigue, and at least 1 more approach.

The correct technique:

  1. We get to the starting position with slightly bent knees. We hold dumbbells with a direct grip, palms to the legs.

    You can slightly expand them so that the dumbbell does not go strictly along the front, but partially along the lateral surface of the thigh. In addition to the knees, the starting position is exactly the same as in the previous case.

  2. We make the torso forward. Dumbbells go to the feet. Here in this exercise, the pelvis goes back due to bending the knees.

    That is why you do not need to have a good stretch, since you do not have to stretch on straight legs.

  3. We lower the dumbbells to the lowest possible point so that they slide along the legs.
  4. We return to the initial state, the pelvis extends slightly forward. At this point, you should maximize the buttocks and reduce the shoulder blades. This is the completion of the straightening.

    We make exhalations on an exhale, and we lower on an inhalation.

The knees bend at a slight angle. You should not sit down - it is not standing on bent legs.

We make all movements smoothly, thoughtfully. It is advisable that you have a mirror in front of you.

You will just keep your head straight while observing yourself.

Deadlift with dumbbells on bent legs

An exercise in which there is no special meaning, but for the sake of justice it is worth mentioning. Weight too light to load legs and lower back at the same time. Although, if you take dumbbells of 20 kg and offer them to girls or children, this will be a very good load for them.

Deadlift with dumbbells - the benefits of exercise, technique

Consider the classic version of traction:

  1. Starting position: stand, look straight ahead, deflection in the lower back, shoulder blades to each other, shoulders straightened.

  2. Dumbbells stand in front of the toes and are deployed so that we can hold them with a direct grip. When doing exercise, dumbbells can be slightly deployed in a position convenient for you. This is not a direct vulture, but two independent shells.
  3. We begin to do torso forward, while maintaining a deflection in the lower back. We bring it to 40-45 degrees, after which we lower to take dumbbells, due to bending the knees.

    We take dumbbells and straighten, maximally reducing the shoulder blades.

  4. This is the starting position with dumbbells. We stand on straight legs. Now we do the same, but leave 10-15 cm to the floor, since dumbbells are not a barbell. We will lower them to the floor for a long time.

Since the weight is light, doing 10-12 reps in 3-4 sets.

We strongly recommend starting the classics right away with the barbell. The right technique is developed precisely with it.

The draft "sumo" with dumbbells is an inexpedient option.

Errors in drafts with dumbbells

Here are some of the most popular mistakes to avoid when doing exercises with dumbbells:

  1. Dumbbells dangle from side to side.

    You create an extra load for the muscles that ensure your balance, overload the lower back.

  2. Fast execution. Each movement should be smooth and clear.
  3. Violation of breathing: we lower by inspiration, we rise by exhalation. You can remember this: we exhale with effort, and efforts are made when we lift something off the floor.

    Typically, this phrase helps to remember proper breathing during exercise.

  4. Round back. Even with such weights, you can round your back if you do not have a good stretch, and even if you are not on straight legs.
  5. In the classics - first we pull the lower back, and then straighten the body. There should be a clear algorithm - legs, then lower back.

    And no other way. We tear off the weight from the floor with our feet, then gradually switch to the lower back.

  6. We do not bend at the end point. Such a repeat may not be counted. This is not done to pump the broadest muscles, but to fully straighten the back.

  7. Look down during the exercise. This is a serious violation of the technology of any deadlift.

Safety Rules

Like any other strength exercise, deadlift (no matter with dumbbells or barbell) puts a strain on your body. Therefore, listen to your own feelings, and if you feel any of the symptoms listed below, the exercise should be postponed until the problem is solved.

  1. Backache during and after exercise.

    You need to do hyperextension without weight for one month to strengthen your lower back. Stretch your muscles at the same time so that the technique does not suffer from a lack of stretching. Before exercise, you can smear your back with warming ointments, you can also use painkillers. The main principle - do no harm! If the pain remains after a month of hyperextension, you should see a specialist.

  2. My knees hurt.

    It is difficult to offer anything. Try wrapping elastic bandages on your knees. Sometimes this option helps. Sometimes not. Go to a specialist and find out if you have flat feet.

    If there is, order special insoles and place them in your gym shoes.

  3. Dizzy when you do the slopes. Consult a neurologist. This should not be (if you are not 60 years old, of course - there it is the age-related characteristics of the body).

Deadlift with dumbbells - the benefits of exercise, technique

Summing up the article, we can recommend the following: follow the technique, train all the muscles of your body (and not just selected groups) and work in pleasure.

These are the main secrets to success. Doing deadlifts with dumbbells will be a good help for you on the way to a beautiful and strong body.



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