Deadlift - a powerful body, strong muscles!

Deadlift is one of the three main basic exercises for which you need to learn the correct technique. Deadlift is one of the exercises where only the exact technique will ensure safe execution.

This exercise, which simultaneously loads a large number of muscles, and provides a good increase in muscle mass and strength. Actively involved in bodybuilding and powerlifting programs.

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Deadlift - a powerful body, strong muscles!

What muscles work?

Since this is a basic exercise (i.

e. multi-joint), a large number of muscles will be included in the work. Starting from the shoulder girdle, ending with the leg muscles

The muscles involved in the work:

  1. Thigh biceps
  2. Buttocks
  3. Longitudinal muscles of the spine
  4. The widest (or simply wings)
  5. Trapezoid
  6. Quadriceps
  7. Adductors (inner thigh)
  8. Forearm

Deadlift - a powerful body, strong muscles!

Deadlift technique

As I said above, a very important point - the execution technique, because the wrong technique - poses problems

Starting position

First, go to the bar on the floor and place your feet shoulder-width apart parallel to each other.

Secondly, the grip should be slightly wider than the width of the shoulders, hands take an upright position.

Thirdly, the shoulders are above the bar, and the gaze is not directed down, but up.

Fourth, do not forget about a straight back !! This rule will be the key to your healthy spine. Bend your back forward as much as possible.

Deadlift - a powerful body, strong muscles!

End position

Take a deep breath and exhale lift the bar. No abrupt movement. Vulture moves strictly up along the legs.

The final position will be the position when you will be straightened with a barbell in your hands.

Deadlift - a powerful body, strong muscles!

Pay attention to:

  1. Slow and smooth execution of exercise
  2. When lowering the bar, the pelvis is retracted
  3. During execution, the bar moves along the legs, strictly vertically
  4. Bend in the lower back
  5. Inhale is taken on the move down, and exhale up.


  1. Round back
  2. Bouncing the bar against the floor
  3. When lifting, there is uneven straightening of the legs and back (legs overtake the back)

Deadlift - a powerful body, strong muscles!

Deadlift "Sumo"

One of the options for deadlift - style "Sumo". Officially allowed in competitions, that is, it is on a par with the classic style. Let's take a closer look at the pros of this style.

Due to the wide setting of the legs, the height to which you want to raise the bar will decrease. I think it’s clear why. Of course, slightly different muscles work in this style.

  1. Delta
  2. Biceps
  3. Adductors of the thigh
  4. Outer thigh
  5. Hip biceps

Deadlift - a powerful body, strong muscles!

How to carry out the sumo deadlift correctly?

  1. Prepare the shell for work. Approach him, put your legs much wider than your shoulders, but so that there is no discomfort.

    Turn your feet in different directions at 45 degrees. Take the bar with your usual grip.

  2. Inhale and at the expense of the muscles of the legs - pull. Exhale in the most difficult moment.

And a few more facts about this style:

  1. In contrast to the classical traction, there is no load on the vertebrae No.

    4 and 5.

  2. In the classic, the lower back works more at the start, and in the sumo the knees and hips are loaded.

  3. In the sumo style - less work with the same weights than in the classics.

  4. Difficulties in the second half of the movement. In the classics, there is less chance of being stuck at the end of the movement.

Romanian deadlift

With deadlift on straight legs (Romanian deadlift) everything is much simpler. As the name implies, it is performed on straight legs.

This exercise is performed after the usual deadlift, as an ancillary exercise. It perfectly loads the lower back. Follow the correct technique and everything will be in order.

How to perform this exercise correctly?

  1. Raise the prepared shell in advance. Feet shoulder width apart. Inhale.

  2. Slowly start lowering it. Keep your back straight, and bend your legs slightly at the knees.

  3. Lower the bar just below the knees when your back is parallel to the floor and as you exhale begin to rise.

Deadlift - a powerful body, strong muscles!

Deadlift for girls

Deadlift for girls - the exercise is not superfluous. It is very often used in training programs to strengthen and load the body.

The deadlift is not so often used classic, as on straight legs. Deadlift on straight legs loads the lower back and, if performed correctly, the buttocks and biceps of the hips.

How to perform the exercise to load the buttocks? Bend your knees and then the load will go on the buttocks with biceps of the hips.

Deadlift - a powerful body, strong muscles!

Deadlift with dumbbells

If it is not possible to carry out deadlift with a barbell, then you can perform it with dumbbells. The technique is the same, only in your hands you will have dumbbells.

Deadlift - a powerful body, strong muscles!

Standards for deadlift

Standards for deadlift without equipment.

WPC Federation Men

Deadlift - a powerful body, strong muscles!

WPC Federation Women

Deadlift - a powerful body, strong muscles!

AWPC Federation Men

Deadlift - a powerful body, strong muscles!

AWPC Federation of Women

Deadlift - a powerful body, strong muscles!


  1. Proper performance of the deadlift will increase muscle mass and strength indicators

  2. Deadlift helps to improve the spine

  3. This exercise is useful for both girls and men

  4. Each of the deadlift techniques is useful in its own way

  5. Do not forget to subscribe to our course, which costs nothing, and the result can be envied!

Deadlift - a powerful body, strong muscles!



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