"Dawn" released a capsule collection in conjunction with the Pushkin Museum

The brand of Gosha Rubchinsky and Toli Titaev transferred the paintings of Gauguin to clothes.

"Dawn" is a Russian brand of skateboarding clothing. Together with the State Museum. Pushkin designers have released a capsule collection for the exhibition "Schukin. Biography of the collection.

" The idea of ​​collaboration belongs to MORE agency.

It included three types of shirts and six skateboards depicting the work of Paul Gauguin. The design of the collection used paintings "Queen" (1896), "Ah, are you jealous?" (1892), "Her name was Vairaumati" (1892).

Photo: "Dawn"

Photo: "Dawn"

Items from the capsule will be available from June 22 at the October multi-brand skate shop. Skateboards cost from 4 thousand rubles, shirts - up to 30 thousand.

Photo: "Dawn"



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