Danone celebrated its anniversary: ​​the company turned 100

On October 22, an event was held in Moscow to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the history of yogurt and Danone. At the anniversary, Emmanuel Faber, President, Chairman of the Board of Directors spoke about the global challenges that humanity will face in the next 100 years, the company's legacy and the need to work together to achieve global goals.

Danone is the world's largest producer of food and water products, which are represented in 120 world markets. In recent years, Danone has reduced sugar content in dairy products for the Russian market by 20%, launched children's products, and introduced the thermostat range. For those who do not consume animal products, Danone introduced Alpro, herbal drinks and desserts.

Danone develops and implements regenerative agricultural models. They include soil conservation, respect for animals and support for farmers. In June 2015, Danone committed to halving its food waste by 2025. Since 2015, the company's water consumption has decreased by 33%, and carbon dioxide emissions - by 7.3%.

The company is committed to producing and using fully recyclable packaging. Since 2017, Danone transferred more than 24 thousand tons of consumer packaging waste for recycling.



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