Cycle at the fitness club and bike - muscle and cardio work

A bicycle is humanity’s greatest invention after the wheel. The English version of the Russian bicycle is Cycle. Hence the name of a popular fitness area when classes are held on exercise bikes. Let's take a look at the perspectives that cycling and treadmill exercise in our favorite club offer us.

Advantages of a bicycle

A bicycle is an excellent and economical means of transportation.

In some countries with a high population density, this is, in general, the main mode of transport. With us, this is a way to spend time actively and with pleasure.

Cycle at the fitness club and bike - muscle and cardio work

The value of two wheels for our health

The bicycle is driven by force legs, and legs are the largest muscle group in our body. Intensive pedaling creates a number of positive effects:

  • Slimming. When riding uphill or when installing a high resistance simulator, you burn a huge amount of calories.

    A good Cycle simulator has several modes of operation, including the ability to vary the intensity of the load and engage in intervals.

  • Actually, muscle training. Pay attention to the strong muscles on the legs of famous cyclists. Although not as noticeable as when working with iron, the muscles still swing. They become stronger, denser and more prominent.

  • The development of endurance.
  • Strengthening blood circulation throughout the body and improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

The maximum benefit to our health lies in the last paragraph.

During intense cardio, the body urgently needs oxygen. It makes the heart beat faster.

Blood spreads faster through the body, and cells are better supplied with oxygen. As your fitness level increases, each pulse beat becomes more effective, and maximum cardiac output increases.

That is, with regular exercises, your pulse will no longer fly up to heaven, your heart will beat slower (which is safer for it), but pump more blood for every hit.

And, finally, the most important thing - blood enters the brain. And this is the prevention of stroke.

It is worth remembering that if you are an unprepared person, you do not need to bring your pulse to the limit. How to determine the maximum border? During an intense ride, you should be able to say one or two words without breaking your breath. But keeping a conversation while practicing cardio should be difficult.

Are there any restrictions for cycling?

If you are generally healthy and full of energy, you can pedal for an arbitrarily long time. The main thing is to monitor your well-being.

If the seat and steering wheel are incorrectly set or adjusted, pain in the lower back and wrists can occur. This problem is solved by fitting an iron horse to your parameters.

If there are contraindications to physical activity or work, the duration and intensity of training should be limited.So, for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, a leisurely ride will only benefit. The heart rate will be slightly accelerated, but will not reach high values.

In a word, training on a bicycle is a good medicine and a great benefit for the body

Cycling knowledge in a fitness club

Even in the smallest fitness club there is at least one proud Cycle simulator. In large sports centers, they stand in rows and are always popular. On the stationary bike you can do it yourself or participate in collective races. In this case, your goals may be different.

If you need to lose weight

The first goal that we will talk about is losing weight.

In the schedule of many fitness clubs you can find such activities as cyclic aerobics.

Of course, you can sit on a regular bike 3-4 times a week and slowly drive for 2-3 hours through the parks, quiet and uninhabited places. The results will be all the same. But no one guarantees you good weather, and you won’t especially ride in dense city buildings. While club cyclic training is available all year round to absolutely everyone.

Cycle at the fitness club and bike - muscle and cardio work

If you work out in the gym and want to lose weight - it is recommended to do cardio 15-20 minutes before training and half an hour after. You can change the time as you like. If you work out three times a week, then the time changes like this: before - 15 minutes, after - 25-30. If twice a week - before the workout you need to spend 20 minutes on the exercise bike, and after - 40.

Cardio, like any other regular load, is a real way to reduce and maintain your weight in good condition.

But it will not give a pronounced effect if you do not adjust your diet. You need to know at least roughly how many calories you eat. Then you can calculate the optimal training time. And it doesn’t matter what it will be: Cycle training, or just a bike ride.

Exercises on an exercise bike for weight loss are no less effective than riding a bicycle.

Sometimes they can give even better results.

Cycle simulator is a good alternative to a real bike. You can visit the nearest room or install it at home. The only minus is that the landscape before the eyes does not change and the activity can quickly get bored.

Cycle at the fitness club and bike - muscle and cardio work

There is such a thing as interval training on a stationary bike.

In advanced models, there are special programs that allow you to alternate periods of intense activity with periods of relaxation. This is the best type of training in order to lose weight, increase leg strength and stamina.

It is important to repeat intervals in several cycles. Typically, interval training lasts 15-30 minutes in 10-15 stages of maximum load and muscle relaxation.

It is believed that cyclic aerobics involves not only the legs, but also other muscle groups.

This is natural, because the body needs to be kept on the saddle, you need to breathe rhythmically and deeply. The muscles of the abdomen and arms work.However, they do not swing, but simply work in statics.

If you want to build up your legs

Oddly enough, the legs are well strengthened during training on a bicycle. Pay attention to the feet of professional cyclists.

They are lean and muscular. So, the muscles of the legs can grow from training on a stationary bike or a bicycle?

Yes, with intensive work, the muscles of the legs really become denser, tighter and somewhat increase in volume. Professional athletes roll a huge number of kilometers, and if they did not have well-developed muscles, the body would simply not withstand such a load. They not only train, but also eat right, observe sleep and rest.

Cycle at the fitness club and bike - muscle and cardio work

But, of course, muscle growth during pedaling will never be as strong as from squats with a barbell.

All the same, cycling is mainly cardio.

In ordinary people, riding a bicycle or engaged in exercise bikes, the muscles will certainly strengthen, but will not grow. Most often, you can, on the contrary, lose in volume. Caviar and thighs will tone up and stand out more clearly under the skin.

Thus, it is possible to pump up legs on an exercise bike, but there are much more effective ways.

If you need powerful muscles - go to the gym and work with iron.

Rules for riding on the street

Cycling is not always just a walk. Most cities are not suited for cyclists. In the absence of bicycle paths, it remains to ride along the roadway and parks, or along sidewalks.

Cycle at the fitness club and bike - muscle and cardio work

Those who drive on motorways and other carriageways need to know the rules of the road.

This is necessary for the safety of oneself and others. And this is very important!

There are many rules, but you only need to remember a few:

  1. Designate the turns with a hand gesture. Straight arm to the right - you are eating to the right. And in the same way - to the left.
  2. When you drive along the sidewalks, you become a threat to pedestrians.

    Be careful, especially if small children appear in the field of vision who can behave unpredictably.

  3. If you are going to cross the driveway, get off the bike and drive it next to you.

There is another option - to bring a bicycle to the park area by car and ride there already. Then you can do without the rules. Enjoy the ride, fresh air, nature.

This is the best cardio!

What muscles work while riding

What muscles work when riding a bike? These are mainly extensors of the knees and ankle - quadriceps and calves. The flexors only return the pedal to its original state, and the main effort is to scroll the pedals by pushing them down from themselves. Sometimes you lower almost the entire weight of your body onto them. This is a good load, allowing you to strengthen these muscle groups.

Cycle at the fitness club and bike - muscle and cardio work

The legs of a cyclist are clearly stronger than a person who just walks.

Cycle training is not only cardio, but also a good muscle boost.

If you don’t know how to ride and don’t want to just lose weight - Cycle aerobics and a good fitness room to help you!



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