Cross Satellite will run in Zelenograd

The fourth cross-country race will take place on April 29th.

"Cross Sputnik" - a cross-country race of 5 and 15 kilometers. According to the organizers, the main goal of the competition is to make cross-country races more popular and identify the strongest among amateur runners. The cross will take place in the forest near the Angstrom stadium in Zelenograd. 5 km - one lap of the route, 15 km - three laps.

Climbing on one circle will be 54 meters. The limit for overcoming the distance is 2 hours 30 minutes.

Everyone from 14 years old is allowed to participate at a distance of 5 km, from 18 years old for 15 km. The cost of a 5 km slot starts at 800 rubles, at 15 km - from 1,300 rubles (the price increases depending on how many runners have already registered). Each participant must provide a medical certificate.

Additional information and registration can be found on the official website of the Cross Satellite race.



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